Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ice is Nice

Just got my legs out of the ice bucket after my track workout tonight. Focuyssing on my recovery and this does wonders. Will be buying and reviewing compression socks shortly

Busy week over the last bit with work, life etc. Managed to get a good week of training in and now have some good focus to my running plan.

Wednesday bike commuted to and from work with a ride home in the snow which dissipated pretty quickly. Then did the forerunners clinic run. First of two back to back average runs, this one was mainly due to eating a huge meal about 90 minutes before and digesting it during the run...lesson learned.

Thursday was a rest day with a dinner at night regarding the world of business analysis. actually got a few bits form this lecture to use in training and planning as well as a lot for my work life. After this caught up with two groups of people and rocked the first of 3 nights out in a row (Last time for the next 6 months for this approach)

Friday sat down with Jerry from Foreunners and developed a plan for the next few months. Awesome to get the advice here and means I will run less frequently but really focus on nailing the objective of each workout and coming in rested to my speed work. Friday night went for a run and felt horrible, was a long 33 minutes but just put it down to lack of hydration. Friday night finshed of with cathcing up with some friends and a few drinks whihc left Saturday morning to sleep or go ride in the cold. Sleep won and ride happened in the afternoon, good 3 hour hitout around UBC.

Saturday out again at an evolution party on Yukon and saw some intersting uses for a bike tube. Sunday morning bought the $200 of food for the week and went for a 2 hour run around the seawall in vancovuer. Held 4:58km pace a felt good and relaxed for the whole run even if got a little wet.

Monday swam and hit the trianer for an hour. Coming into the swim fresh was sweet and will be my new routine. Felt like held good pace for a mid laner like me (Having graduated from the "development lanes" in the past few weeks.

So tuesday came and bike commute to work. On the return home heard a loud bang then thump thump thump as my tire blew out. Didn't notice unitl my inflating the my spare tub. Tried to boot it but had little success and little time so tried to cyclocross the flat on gravel as much as possible before hopping on the bus and using the bike rack for the first time in my life.

Day wrapped up with a track session. Got a heaps of tips and drills form Jerry to do whcih was awesome and after this we hiot the track. I managed to average around 33 seconds on double rest for 12 200's as per the plan so life was good.

No spot for UBC so are going to race the Spring Run-Off 8km on sunday around the seawall. Will be itnersting to see how this goes and what my race plan will be but will work this out closer to the time. May look to gradually build the pace if possible with the aim of going somewhere in the land of 26 to 27.

Thats the update, must post photos soon and few more "intersting things".

For trianing this week holds

Wednesday - Swim, Bike Commute and Run
Thursday - Med Bike and Swim
Friday - Bike and Run
Saturday - Swim and Short Ride and Run
Sunday - Race then long Ride and swim
Monday - Swim andd Trainer Ride
Tuesday - Bike commute and Track

Now of to fix bike and see if I could have booted this thing with more time.

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  1. Guess what the wheels go round and round just like on a bus the wheel goes round.. onya!!