Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, March 9, 2009

Harry's Spring Run Off 8km - Initial Thoughts and Injury Report

8km - 28:11 (28:15 Gun) - 21/973 Overall and 7/74 in age group.

Last Sunday raced Harry's Spring Run Off 8km. As part of the Canadian Running Series has decent prize money and hence a good field. Must say that as my twitter may have shown and my blog was not super keyed up for this race more through the fact of having continual soreness nmy legs.

Calf Soreness = Compressed Nerve (or something like that)

Physio today has put this down to a compressed nerve so after a week or so of rest and appropriate treatment will hopefully be back on my run training. Anyway more of that later in the week. Based on my sore calf I strapped my ankle for a bit more support pre race and sported arm warmers as compression socks and headed down to Stanley Park. Warm up was so so as still felt tight and only really decided to race for sure about 10 minutes out from the gun.

Madness Begins

First mistake of the day was getting tot he start line a little to early and ended up 4 back in the pack. Wanted to respect the quality of the field and not be front row but screwed myself here a little. Anyway once gun went headed out and tried to sit in the pack that I would know would form around or just in fornt of the womens lead. First couple km's went fine but as soon as we hit the seawall could not step up the pace as per the plan and basically just held on for the 5km. as the pack in front of me slowly gained a gap and I ended up TT'g on my own for a while. With about a km to go got passed and tried to hang on but to no avail although did manage to pick off the 3rd women in the last 500m.

End result was 28:11 (28:15 Gun) - 21/973 Overall and 7/74 in age group. After finishing was a little bit dissapointed but happy did not further aggrevate what I had confirmed to be an injury over soreness and in retrospect happy I slogged out the race as felt a little bit more like a tri run than a straight run. From a splits perspective held pretty even but just did not have the "spring" in my legs that I needed to push 3:20 km's for the whole race.

km Splits; 3:19, 3:30, 3:31, 3:34, 3:37, 3:39, 3:37, 3:25

Post Race

Post race did a 25 minute cool down with Jerry (who finsihed 5th) and others through the trials of stanley park. Must do more running on these for sure as they looked quite nice. Felt pretty good but definetely was not running efficently which I think was the same during the race.


So at the start of the year (only 2 months ago) would have been happy with the time but based on my trending this year was a little bit dissapointing but the run of PR's (7/7 I think) had to break at some point. Good thing is that this injury has shown I really need to work on flexibility especially in my hamstrings which now needs to be part of my routine and better to catch this early season. Still a long way from Ironman build so 1 to 2 weeks of running won't hurt and will allow me to focus on my swim and bike build which has been on and off.

Can't wait for the fashion shots of me running with sugoi arm warmers as socks to be posted and looking forward to my return to running hopefully in 10 days at which point the program will slowly recommence.

Kudos to the event which raised a huge amount of dollars for Prostate cancer research.

Congrats to all those who rocked UBC Tri and I will awiat for my 2009 debut until May 25th at Shawnigan. Next race potentially Dave Reed 5km depending on legs and the quest for sub 16:30

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  1. Despite the injury good run. Like you said, you can't expect a PB at every race and 7/7 is just insane.

    I've never heard of compressed nerves, hopefully that heals itself quickly.

    Good luck with that.