Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need to do 6 more races this year

Was 8th in the Eugene 5km 2 weeks ago.

Ran today and was 7th in the Oak Bay Half Marathon. Really happy about how I executed today with each 5km segment getting faster. Was a rain day (which was great for knocking down allergies) and the crowd support and participation of the Victoria community was awesome.

Not a PR but solid effort (1:18:26) on a hilly course. The work in florence paid off well and finished super strong in the last section. next up is all about getting the work done and getting the routine set.

 thanks Clint, Rosalee, Les and Adelaide for braving the rain to cheer and congrats to Sara and Rachel for solid efforts out there (2nd and 5th in the Womens Race)

Mojo is coming back slowly

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 4 at Camp

No Photos yet;

Morning was a recovery morning - potentially from the dinner the night before. 3 Hour ride from Florence to Reedsport and return along the 101. then a Sand Hill circuit in the evening with 7 reps totaling 20 minutes of hard running around a course we plotted in the dunes (up down and around a few dunes).

Good riding today, just at base effort and some bloody hard work running the dunes taking inspiration from Herb Elliot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Notes from Camp - Day 3

Photos and Video form Today below. Got some cheering from the group on the ride.

Easy Run in the am (4.7km)
Drove to Newport - visited the fishes then rode back to florence (80.4km)
Relaxing run on the beach post ride (6.6km)

Good times continue. Legs were a bit wrecked today from yesterdays session but felt good. Awesome riding down the coast, hilly but had a tailwind so was allllll goood.

Now to drink some wine, eat some dinner before being inspired by Herb Elliot for Tomorrows run.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos from Camp - Day 2

Today was "The Workout". After warm up and drills it was;

60 x 20 Seconds Hard up the sand dune with 40 seconds to recover and start again. Aim was to get at least the same distance up the hill each time. One of these repeats is tough, was struggling to see the possibility of getting 60 done after 7 but got the work done, lost half my breakfast afterwards but will be mentally stronger for this one.

Rest of the day was a 1 hour spin and a hour run on the beach in the biggest headwind have ever run in. Same effort was + 6 min/km into it and sub 4 minute km's with it. 

Thanks to Jerry for sharing the running workouts including "The workout" and letting me follow his tracks up the dune. Also thanks to Leslie, Adelaide, Haley, Paul and Gillian for cheering us on in our stupidity running up the dunes. 

Good Times in Florence, Oregon continue.

notes from camp

Saturday - beat a pancake (17:04 for 5km on a hilly course) - ran about 18km total
Sunday - watched a group of rockstars in the Eugene Half and Full Marathon with 7/7 from the vanrunning crew smacking down PR's. Supporter fartlek ended up with 19km of running.
Monday - Got lost in the sand dunes, ran, walked, used the sun for navigation for 15km. The  rode 70km and ran 3km in the afternoon. Drank some brews and watched braveheart

Camp is fun! Will not be throwing any stones though as I am living in a glass house!