Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, November 17, 2014

MEC Steveston Marathon - 2:52:57 and 1st Overall

Raced the MEC Marathon in Steveston this past weekend and came in 1st with a 2:52:57. The short version of this race report was stayed relaxed, tried not to run to fast early, said hi to people going the other way and had a nice long run keeping an even tempo and effort level.

Having said that have a bit more detail below. I am a big believer in racing as part of a training program and not needing to be 100% focussed on a specific race in terms of peak fitness. This one is in this category for me and really enjoy getting out there experiencing the energy of a race environment.

Was great to see a lot of people I knew out there and thanks to those who called
d out my name, apologies if I didn't yell back in time. Hope everyone had a great day and hope to see you out on a race course again soon.

Thanks to Powered By Chocolate Milk, Speed Theory Vancouver and Forerunners North Vancouver for the continued support.

Powered by Chocolate Milk 
 Speed Theory Vancouver   

Forerunners North Vancovuer

A specific shout out to my good friend to my Jerry Ziak who is co-owner of Forerunners North Vancouver and has been helping me out with the run aspect of my training, If you can get out to the clinics at the store they are definitely worth the time.

Neck Beards add Warmth on Cold Days!
Photo Credit: MEC

Why a Marathon?

The last few months I have been taking training in 6 weeks blocks or so. About 6 weeks ago looking ahead I decided that  it was a good time to do a marathon and with the opportunity to do one the doorstop with a start and finish in Steveston the fit was perfect.

Having a target to train for as winter starts to envelop Vancouver is always nice as the Fall to Winter season change is one I always struggle with.

Racing close means it can be a family event as well. Les ran the 5km and had a PR!!!! Adelaide and Victoria came out watch and do some cheering with Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy ran.

Ada post Cheering Duties
Photo Credit MEC

The Build Up

I talked about my leadup to the event last week -

In terms of long runs and mileage haven't been cranking out crazy mileage and have been averaging about 80 to 90km a week over 5-6 runs. My longest session in the build up was 32km which involved 28km alternating above and below Marathon Pace.

So coming into racing had a few questions about how I would feel in the last 10km and took that account into race planning.

Race Day - Executing the Plan

The "tables" which you can enter other race performances to give potential results at other distances based on your calculated vDot ( indicated I was in around 2:45 shape.

However knowing that

  • I hadn't had a huge base of mileage
  • wasn't totally tapered 
  • race was predominately on gravel (is a couple seconds a km slower than the road)
  • I didn't want to bury myself for the next month (or blow up) 

Went with a plan to start out at around 4:10 per km pace (approx 2:55) then adjust as required throughout the day with the aim to have a good solid run.

4 Sections

With the race being 2 out and backs I broke it down into four sections each 10.55km long.

Section 1 (0k to 10.55km) - Garry Point to Turnaround 43:13 (4:06 pace)

Start of the race - just tried to run smooth and relaxed. Had the runner who ended up coming in 4th with me for most of this section but ran at the front so could focus on my own tempo. It all felt pretty relaxed but hopefully that should be the case early on in a race!

Looking at splits was a little bit faster than planned but effort felt fine so was not to worried as had aimed to be through this first section between 43 and 44 minutes.

Section 2 (10.55km to 21.1km) - Turnaround to Garry Point - 42:48 (4:03 pace)

What wind there was slightly behind me at this point. Was pretty solo for this and had to negotiate the other races going outbound. Was good to see lots of people I knew doing the 5,10 or Half marathon. Started getting in some nutrition at this point through a couple Gels in this section.

Action Shot thanks to @runcandicerun who raced the day before doing a full marathon!
Fluro Capri Tights came out with the -4 starting temperature. 
Section 3 (21.1km to 31.15km) Garry Point to Turnaround 43:24 (4:07 pace)

A little slower going out but I think I can put this down to drinking some electrolyte at the turn (you could leave bottles at halfway) and not being able to run perfect tangents as needed to run through some of the other races that started after the marathon. The effort felt consistent and just focussed on running smooth through this part.

Section 4 (31.15km top 42.2km) - Turnaround to Garry Point  43:32 (4:08 pace)

Time to run home.At the turnaround I had 4+ minutes on the next runners so from a race perspective knew just had to run steady. From a body perspective hadn't run past this distance in the lead up and was scared of a brick wall being erected at km 35 on the dyke!

At 32km would have had to drop a sub 39 min 10km to go sub 2:50 and although i was tempted to give it a shot I decided to stick to the plan a run solid home. Legs got a little tight with about 5km to go a splits slipped a little but decided to just keep effort steady vs pushing harder. Asides from making sure I ate my last Gel and staying relaxed it was pretty uneventful run home.

Getting the W

So in the end finished in 2:52:57 and got the Win. The win wasn't as big a factor for me as having a good solid run. If I had had company in the last half I am pretty sure I could have stepped it up a little but getting a good solid consistent paced run was the key achievement as it is knowledge and confidence I can take into my 2015 training and racing.

Podium Shot - Subbing in for 2nd Place Ada decided raising hands up was a little too much!
Photo Credit MEC

Other Notes


For those interested in nutrition for this race I kept it pretty simple with;

  • a GU every 40 minutes (approx 90 cal - Gu's are a 100 cal packet but you never get it all) for a total of 360 Cals
  • A splash of water at most opportunities (every 4km or so)
  • A swig of electrolyte (200ml max at halfway)

4 below Celsius is cold for someone who grew up in the heat. As a result I went with some capri tights (fluro yellow for some early am brightness) and gloves  for the first 10 miles or so. The main thing I have learned about racing and training in the cold is you still need to eat even though you may not feel like it. That is why my nutrition above was pretty structured.

Why Wear a Puprle Headband?

I like to run with headbands as keeps the sweat out of my eyes and Ada likes purple. So chose that color so are a little easier to spot out on course.

Mistakes I Made

Forgot to set my watch to autolap before racing which meant going through the menu settings while after 1km to turn it on

Key Learnings

  • Have a few more pounds to lose for sure. No rush on this but there are simple things I can form habits on as I move into 2015.
  • Consistency is king. The last few months have been nothing special in terms of training but consistency has been pretty good even though there is still room for improvement. If I can move that to all aspects training life will be good.
  • Core strength is a big opportunity for me to make sure I run well when fatigued.

The Fast Guys are Really Fast

Always humbling to know that the fast marathoners are running 1 min a km (25%) faster than your pace.

What is Next

So next up is a pretty easy week then some planning for the first part of 2015. I have soem fun racing coming up with the Gunner Shaw Cross Country at Jericho Beach on Dec 6th and a couple Time Trial (Mile and 5km) events with Forerunners North Vancovuer.

In 2015 the Tentative Plan is Pioneer 8km on the Island, Steveston Icebreaker 8km followed up by the PRR First Half - Half Marathon.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Race Week and a Open 26.2

So firstly what is an Open 26.2. For those who are crazy enough on occasion to Swim and Bike before running a marathon a Open 26.2 is a Straight Marathon.

Coming into this my mental approach is that this is no easier than ironman, just likely going to be a different type of hurt especially in the last 10km as trying to maintain pace.

This Sunday - MEC Marathon in Steveston

Race day is Sunday and it is a pretty low key event I have chosen being the MEC Marathon. The start is about 700m from my front door and the course goes along the dyke trail that a lot of my runs take place on. Familiarity with a race course isn't always a good thing but will be nice to race local. Having said that I sense for the rest of the year my runs will not take me along the race course!

I have only done one open 26.2 before and that was when i was you and stupid and working way too much. If you have ever wondered how doing a marathon with zero training feels I have that memory from 2006 when I went 4:49 at the Vancouver Marathon. So my full 26.2 history goes like this;

2006 - 4:49 (Vancouver Marathon)
2008 - 4:02 (Ironman Canada)
2009 - 3:47 (Ironman Canada)
2010 - 3:11 (Ironman Couer 'd Alene)
2010 - 3:23 (Ironman Hawaii)
2012 - 3:25 (Challenge Penticton)

So Sunday will be race no.7. I definitely haven't peaked specifically for this, vs more just trying to get fitter every week. So instead of going for a absolute best case scenario time my plan is to have a good solid run to use as a base for the start of 2015.

Still working on the plan but the chances of running with someone going for the same pace is pretty low so are focussed on a good solid solo long run. It is definitely not going to be warm on race day and the wind may be up so adapting to the conditions will be key. Another factor is that although it is flat it is on gravel so can be slower vs running on the roads form that perspective.

At the moment I am going to look to start out at between 4:05 and 4:10 per/km pace and look to re-evaluate at every turn around (10.55, 21.1, 31.65) and look to slowly build if all systems are go. That should put  me around the 2:50 mark following a 42.2km progression run give or take if all things go well.

Racing in Race Week - Hershey Harriers Remembrance Day XC

Racing the week of a race is not something everyone does but with the XC race in Stanley Park on Tuesday providing the opportunity for a solid hit out on an important day I decided to lace up shoes and have a solid hit out. I have not been doing xc specific work and with a lot of my running being in Steveston hills have not often been on my agenda!

It was beautiful even if chilly day in Vancouver in Tuesday and the wind was definitely up. Started out trying to hold with the main lead pack as we looped around the grass fields. After about a mile or so was had dropped back a little and spent the rest of the run pretty solo with the back of the main group in sight about 300m or so further ahead.

Running Past Brockton Oval Clubhouse with Mountains in the Background
Photo Credit: Greg White

Felt a bit flat coming flat coming in having had a strong tempo two days prior. however it was good to have a strong hit out. Not sure of exact place but somewhere in the top 10 (had to head straight to work after) and is always fun to race cross country

600m of solo suffering  to go
Photo Credit: Greg White

After this weekend

Some recovery then a few fun races to round out the year including Gunner Shaw 10km, A mile race, a staggered start 5km and a festive half marathon with unconventional aid stations.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Granville Island Turkey Trot - 34:59 and 2nd Overall

Canadian Thanksgiving was this past Monday and after a good couple blocks of training it was time to lace up for a race. The Granville Island Turkey Trot has been around for a few years and winds around the east part of the Vancouver Sea Wall.

After having raced the Eastside 10km while sick 4 weeks prior I was happy to have a opportunity to race feeling healthy and with 4 more weeks of training under the belt. I talked a little bit about my last couple months of training in my last blog post about Building Blocks and running consistently has been a big part of that.

The week leading up to the race had some good quality sessions and on the back of a strong workout on Friday night and a easy weekend I was looking forward to lacing up the shoes.

In the end this is race report about a 10km so not much drama or excitement to be had but have given an overview of how I approached the day for those interested in what I do the day of race.

Pre Race Routine

My plan going into this one was not to race others but have a good solid effort with view to taking hills (both up and down) easy and focussing on rhythm for the rest of the race.

Had a good relaxed warm-up which is now the same warm up I do before all my structured workout runs which is;

  • 2 to 3km Warm-up run (super super easy - shuffling nearly moving backwards type of easy)
  • Followed by drills and strides (I focus on a race pace feel for strides) 
  • Before a race I ensure getting a longer recovery between strides than sometimes with a workout.
This takes me about 30 to 40 minutes so normally start this about 45 minutes prior to the race start as it gives me time to have a chat and say hello to people I may know racing.


So then it is time to go. Race morning had promised a good dumping of rain but apart from the odd sprinkle the rain held off for racing. The seawall is a beautiful place to run but racing the east section involves a lot of turns and it can be a bit slippery with moisture. 

First km looked to find my own rhythm which meant yoyoing off the back group for the first 500m before ending up pushing the pace a little. after about 2km comes the Burard bridge and as per my plan I backed off on this section both up and down and at as the course returned to the seawall I was in 4th place.

Lost concentration through some of the twisty bits and a group of 5 or so was starting to form at 5km at which point I focused on nice turn over and ended driving ahead of that group. Kirill of West Van Run fame (he is race director) had already established a nice gap at this point after pulling away on the Burrard Bridge. So at this point I was in 2nd and just focussed on having a nice strong run. Could see Kirill in the distance but realistically I was not going to drop a 3 min/km to drop the gap so focussed on a nice strong run. Had to push a bit on the last 100m or so to dip under 35 minutes and was happy to that and have a good solid race and end up with 2nd place.

Based on GPS the course showed a little short (200m) but with all the turns I likely trust the course measurements over the satellites on this one.

Goals for this One Achieved

My goal was to run sub 36 so sub 35 was nice. Negative split as well which bodes well for current fitness. A few things to take form this like really concentrating on form and relaxing after a couple km's and the need to keep on working on my leg turnover.

M30-39 Podium - Managed to get my AG Win
(Photo Credit Stephen P)

What Next

Next up is a few weeks of solid training, potentially a cross country race before jumping in the MEC Marathon on Nov 16th which starts about 500m from my house. Idea for this race will be to have a solid run and hopefully not bury myself too much, but will know a lot more about the plan for that in the coming weeks.


Thanks to Granville Island and the Vancouver International Marathon Society for putting those race on that supports the Vancouver Food Bank. Also thanks to all the sponsors including Tenderland Meats from the Granville Island Public Market  that were kind enough to supply me with a gift card for post race. Also thanks to the volunteers who stood out there on a cold holiday Monday.

Thanks to Powered by Chocolate Milk, Forerunners North Vancouver and Speed Theory for their continued support.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Building Blocks

Had a few people ask what I am training for at the moment. The reality is at the moment is I do not know and it is actually been a fun and refreshing time.

Lots of ideas in my head but at the moment are not committing or focussing on anything long term. Instead I have taken the approach of 4 to 6 weeks at a time and setting mini goals for each of these periods.

This week marks the end of the second of these such blocks and it has been fun to enjoy training again and not being stressed out about my current level of fitness or goals/races many months away.

A recap on these two blocks and some future plans

Block 1 - Creating Routine

One thing I had been struggling with is the creation or routine. So for my First Block form August to Early September I focussed on this with a priority focussed on running. This ended up being 25 runs in August and then 32 runs in September.

Add to this I have now found a workout schedule that works for me. The big part of this for me was moving my long runs from the weekend to Friday's. Fridays I am in control of my schedule and rolling out after work seems to work perfect for me.

The upside of this first block was started to enjoy training again and through a focus on running have got my run rhythm back.

Block 2 - Building Momentum

Block 2 as I have called it ends this Monday with the Turkey Trot 10km. This has once again been focussed on running and really hitting workouts as planned. This has involved learning to suffer on the run again and the last few weeks of this block have been some of my best training since over 4 years ago of BK (Before Kids). Through finding a routine that works in terms of what days to do what workouts - getting out for easy runs when a window opens up and having fun have found a balance which has been nice.

Not expecting anything ground breaking time wise on Monday but feel like are setting a good foundation for future goals and fitness. This last 4 weeks has involved a focus on some consistent running workouts. All my long runs have involved some interval work as well which adds some variety for the 2hr sessions.

What's Next Block 3 - Layering

So next up is block 3. This one will be 5 weeks in duration culminating on Nov 16th with the MEC Marathon that starts and finishes 500m from my house in Steveston.

Even though this block concludes with a race my aim is to take the 26.2 as a extended long run so will likely not be trying to go full gas but rather have a strong effort. The race is pretty low key and on the gravel dyke which can be exposed to the wind even though it is pancake flat. Not too mention November could bring any type of weather but it will be good to have a focussed hit out.

Having said that the main goal of this block for me is to start to layer in some consistent swim and bike on top of the run. not looking for perfection on this front but trying to build a schedule that will work for me going forward. 

By moving my long runs to Friday's has opened up some more flexibility on weekends for the bike and getting in a long ride. Given I normally commute around 100km a week if I long ride on the weekend and get in another spin at some point getting my mileage up is pretty straightforward. The focus for this block will be getting in the long rides and ensuring most of the work is aerobic to allow for strong run workouts.

The big challenge this block will be layering in the swim. Part of this has already started in terms of focussing of going to bed earlier. I am a big believer in 8-10 hours of sleep as my standard so if I am to swim with a group (which I need to do) I need to be asleep by about 9pm on a consistent basis especially when swimming in the am. My goal by the end of this block is to be swimming 4 times a week with a view to hopefully expand this in coming blocks to 5 or 6 swims a week.

So in short here are the goals for the next 5 weeks;
  • Run consistently and maintain momentum around structured sessions.
  • By the end of the block be riding long once a week and have a non commute bike session during the week.
  • Swim 4 times a week with 2 of these being in a group environment

What Follows?

If I am successful in this block then block 4 will be focussed on solidifying the above habits and schedule throughout December.

In terms of goals still working through these but at the moment are focusing them on specific times or test sets vs. big A races. Some of these goals are easier to achieve where as some may take over a year. The idea is that once achieved they then can be replaced but a subsequent goal.

These are still tentative and my aim is to form these over the next few weeks. Based on some test sets and current fitness my plan is to create some intermediate goals with the below. Once I have worked this out then I cans tart to organise my blocks to focus towards getting closer to these goals

Run - Sub 33:30 10km or 26:30 8km (VDOT 64)
Swim - Sub 25 min 1500m (LCM)
Bike - FTP of 4.5 W/kg

So the next part of the goal setting will be getting baselines of where I am at and setting intermediary goals whether that be times and/or process related for each training block.

Favourite Photo from the Last Week

So this last week my second daughter turned 1 - Kona race day will fall on her 20th birthday  so no pressure form that perspective :) (or for dad trying to qualify in the 50-54 AG)

Been a fun year and now we have a bit more routine going in the household looking forward to building some momentum with my training like I have been doing for the past 10 weeks or so.

Friday, October 3, 2014

I Know What you did last summer

Its October - so a bit of a recap of my summer which didn't turned out as planned in some regards but was fun none the less. To cover off some of stuff I did;

End of May - Rode from Vancouver down to past Olympia via the Olympic Peninsula. 

Day 1 was about 320km and day 2 a short jaunt before hopping in the car with some buddies to go watch the Whitcaps play in Portland. A solo adventure which involved riding a dollar bill boot for 40km to get a new tire. Learned a lot from this open for big solo rides (bring spare tire!) and may take those lessons in for some adventures in 2015.

Plan on riding down for the PDX game in 2015 so should be a fun annual tradition.



Went to salt spring for a week for a family and friends vacation. Lots of short intense rides and saltspring definitely a great place for a hill focussed bike block, Something to take into account for future years.

Victoria Granfondo Doppio

For the second time this year out of three I proved that trying to compete while sick sucks! Regardless this is my favourite event and will be back in 2015 hopefully without a chest cold.

I Did a Triathlon and it kind of sucked

Next up was Vancouver Half Iron - motivation had been an issue to a variety of distractions (good ones) this year and to be honest my head wasn't with it. Is a great event and they made soem course improvements and hope it remains as a half race now with WTC ownership although my gut feel tells me it will become a 5150.  

This race (actually the first 2 minutes) determined the rest of my summer would be a relaxed sabbatical from big races. During the race I was hoping to flat so could go home which is not a good mental approach - but happy I raced as it told me I needed a break and following this realisation have actually had the best training block I have had in years.  

This is a entire blogpost in itself but here is the ride data. Think I still may be out in ocean on the swim given my swim split on this one!

Hanging Out with the Family

Made sure to have lots of fun hanging out with the family. Was a great summer of bouncy castles, bike rides and just general fun

Went to Alaska and Ran Up Some Mountains

Went on my first ever cruise - didn't get crazy fat and did lots of running. Good family holiday to end the official summer

Racing When Sick Again - Eastside 10km

don't do it kids! having said that this events rocks and I love the challenging course

What's Next

TBD - Been running lots with 90km weeks becoming the standard now, Thinking will start to layer in some strucuture around everything else. But that will be all talked about in my next post.

But now you know what I did last summer - what did you do?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Double Trouble Race Weekend

Racing doesn't always need to be about big marquee events and it is great to support local grassroots racing. One opportunity that I like to take advantage of every year is to race in Penticton on the second weekend of May.

On Saturday at 2pm is the Bare Bones Duathlon  and the next day at 9am is the Peach Blossom 10 Miler. So In the space of 18 hours and change there is the opportunity to race 26km of Running and 34km on the bike.

Bare Bones Duathlon - 8th Overall - 1:35:04

So First Up on the agenda was the Bare Bones Duathlon. As I mentioned on twitter Duathlons just hurt!
Was a little bit of a rushed morning as had underestimated the Travel Time from Harrison to Penticton so the planned lunch stop had to be foregone for turning up to the race site on time. So race day was fueled by a cranberry square (which was delicious) and a large americano which is maybe a little less than ideal!

Embedded image permalink
Morning Coffee in Harrison
So after building up the bike, getting checked in and a last minute panic re my rear wheel rubbing it was time to go.

First  up was 5km run which comprises of 2 x 2.5km loops. My main lesson learned from Du's is dont try to smash the first run - having said that given my current leg speed or lack there-of I am not sure I could smash a 5km at the moment. The legs felt a bit blocked form the drive up and there were a lot of fast people out on the run so I guess I came of the first run in about 15th or so.

If this run tells me anything it is that I need to spend more time running but was happy with the pacing. Through a bit of sloppy T1 and it was time to hit the bike. The wind was on our backs going out so it was bout trying to push a big gear and go fast. Coming into OK falls I backed of a little as is open roads and dont totally knwo that descent. Then it is time for the the reverse climb of Maclean creek road

I cooked myself on the climb a little but smashing a little to much and ended up having to recover on the top section and then took the descent easy as the mixture of gravelly roads and a bit of asphalt allergy (fear of hitting the deck). After that it was a hard slog into the wind on the way back.

All in all was a ok bike but got the pacing a bit off on the climb and paid for that. Seem to be biking better in training than racing at the moment but just means some work to do at the shorter race speeds (40+km/h) to get used to pushing those gears for longer intervals.

Was off the bike in 8th with the knowledge that everyone who I had passed had run quicker than me in the first leg so it was time to run in fear!

On the Bike - Photo Credit Penticton Triathlon Club

Time for the second run and had come into T2 with a fellow racer, as much as wanted to run with him it was not to be so it was 5km of trying to maintain effort. Ended up running the second leg the same pace as the first leg and although not fast was a good solid hitout. Ended up holding on to 8th Overall which on a day left some time out on the run course is a good solid day.

 The Bare Bones is a great local race and would encourage anyone who wants to spice up a training weekend is to head up to Penticton to race it in 2015.

Peach Blossom 10 Miler - 15th Overall - 1:05:29 - 14th Overall

So after the Bare Bones Awards and a few Adult Beverages at the North Shore Tri Club BBQ I caught some Z's before awaking for yet another Americano and baked good fueled adventure. The Peach Blososm Race involves you being bused out passed Narramata and running back along a lovely rolling course (with the first 5km having aggressive rolling hills) next to OK lake on the way back to Penticton. Found a pretty good rhythm on this one and with my quads shot from the day before found the uphill sections more to my liking.

In the end was running with another guy until about 11km when it starts to roll downhill. At this point I just had to stick to my downhill rythm and ended up losing a minute over the last 5km. Having said that still engative split the race and had a nice even pace so was a good hard run on tired legs.

The blossom is another great local event and is awesome to so many out running on a Sunday Morning.

Embedded image permalink
Morning Fuel

On the KVR Photo Credit: Colleen Hodge

Embedded image permalink
Post Race Recovery

M30-34 Awards Photo Credit: Chris Young
Another Double Trouble Weekend in the Books

So another racing weekend in Penticton in the books. Always fun to head to the Okanagon and racing definitely helps build the fitness and help kick start the build to Challenge Penticton.

If you are looking for a fun early season race double in 2015 this is a great one to go up for. If you do I will likely see you there!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photos from "cross training" with Ada

Had to cut the lawn so figure would build a mini track and soccer field

It's like rock climbing - ride the trailer to this one 30+ pound bike + 35 pound toddler + 20 pound trailer = 85 pounds of strength training!

Always good to run new trails and see the cherry blossoms! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Powered By Chocolate Milk Prize Pack Winners

Thanks to all that entered the Powered By Chocolate Milk Prize Pack contest. Lots of ideas out there and including chocolate milk, pancakes, coffee and bacon just to mention a few.

 After a Random Draw of all the eligible entries by the fine folks at Powered By Chocolate Milk the winners were;

  • Paul Kilkenny 
  • Laura Carleton 
  • Michelle Mackintosh 
  • Fraser Milling 
  • Tyler Milling 

If your name is above please email your daytime delivery address to claim your prize.

 For those who haven't read through the comments these were some of the main tips - although i dont suggest blending all these ingredients into a smoothie (although it would make an interesting youtube video)! 

  • Chocolate Milk 
  • Fried Eggs 
  • Toast 
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich 
  • Coffee 
  • Blueberries 
  • Yoghurt 
  • Pancakes 
  • Bacon Cheeseburger 
  • Salt and Vinegar Chips 

 Thanks to all that entered and congrats to those who won. Race season starts to get hectic for me in a couple weeks time so look forward to trying out some of the tips.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Top 5 Worst Things I Have Done for Recovery

So as per my previous post I have a contest focussed around recovery with some great prize packs from Powered by Chocolate Milk to give away.

For all the details of how to enter visit the post at

However as we all know we often learn from our mistakes and I thought I would share my top 5 things I have done in the past that may have inhibited my ability to recover from that workout or race

5 - Drive 5 to 10 hours immediately post race (or the day after)

Heck, this is often unavoidable but I do remember having to drive back 10 hours following Ironman Couer d'Alene as Leslie had to work the next day. The rest stops were the worst part where I had to lift myself out of the car each time due to my quads not being in a fully functioning state.

An honourable mention goes to flying across the world, have also done that and I tell you 20 hours on a plane post racing is far from optimal!

4 - Not having a change of clothes for "Destination Training Sessions"

To be honest I am not a big fan of driving somewhere to go train from a time efficiency perspective but when I do I have on occasion forgotten to bring a change of clothes. Sitting in bike or run shorts for a long drive home is not something that I  enjoy - so remembering a comfortable set of clothes for post workout is always good to remember.

Another thing to remember is to have adequate food, cold water in the car for post ride. Having a cooler with some ice is good for this and prevents the temptation to eat crap food on the drive home.

3 - Waiting till an injury to visit my Physio or Chiro

I am a big fan of proactive visits to my chiro. I often find that when I wait till an injury or niggle I remember ho many other things are not functioning 100% which often can be the cause of the niggle/injury

2 - Not wearing socks in a Ironman

I will do this again so this is why it is not no.1 but not wearing socks in a ironman run while giving the opportunity for fast T2's does have it side effects. In my last race it was the beautiful appearance of bandage socks

1 - Wearing Dress Shoes to Formal events the night after a 100km Event

So unbeknownst to many I have done a 100km event back in my time in Australia called the Oxfam Trailwalker in Melbourne. All I can say that is after covering 100km you can most probably get a pass for wearing non dress shoes to a engagement party that evening. As over time the feet seem to keep swelling and if you ever take those shoes off you will be walking home shoeless.