Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, October 3, 2014

I Know What you did last summer

Its October - so a bit of a recap of my summer which didn't turned out as planned in some regards but was fun none the less. To cover off some of stuff I did;

End of May - Rode from Vancouver down to past Olympia via the Olympic Peninsula. 

Day 1 was about 320km and day 2 a short jaunt before hopping in the car with some buddies to go watch the Whitcaps play in Portland. A solo adventure which involved riding a dollar bill boot for 40km to get a new tire. Learned a lot from this open for big solo rides (bring spare tire!) and may take those lessons in for some adventures in 2015.

Plan on riding down for the PDX game in 2015 so should be a fun annual tradition.



Went to salt spring for a week for a family and friends vacation. Lots of short intense rides and saltspring definitely a great place for a hill focussed bike block, Something to take into account for future years.

Victoria Granfondo Doppio

For the second time this year out of three I proved that trying to compete while sick sucks! Regardless this is my favourite event and will be back in 2015 hopefully without a chest cold.

I Did a Triathlon and it kind of sucked

Next up was Vancouver Half Iron - motivation had been an issue to a variety of distractions (good ones) this year and to be honest my head wasn't with it. Is a great event and they made soem course improvements and hope it remains as a half race now with WTC ownership although my gut feel tells me it will become a 5150.  

This race (actually the first 2 minutes) determined the rest of my summer would be a relaxed sabbatical from big races. During the race I was hoping to flat so could go home which is not a good mental approach - but happy I raced as it told me I needed a break and following this realisation have actually had the best training block I have had in years.  

This is a entire blogpost in itself but here is the ride data. Think I still may be out in ocean on the swim given my swim split on this one!

Hanging Out with the Family

Made sure to have lots of fun hanging out with the family. Was a great summer of bouncy castles, bike rides and just general fun

Went to Alaska and Ran Up Some Mountains

Went on my first ever cruise - didn't get crazy fat and did lots of running. Good family holiday to end the official summer

Racing When Sick Again - Eastside 10km

don't do it kids! having said that this events rocks and I love the challenging course

What's Next

TBD - Been running lots with 90km weeks becoming the standard now, Thinking will start to layer in some strucuture around everything else. But that will be all talked about in my next post.

But now you know what I did last summer - what did you do?

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