Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Double Trouble Race Weekend

Racing doesn't always need to be about big marquee events and it is great to support local grassroots racing. One opportunity that I like to take advantage of every year is to race in Penticton on the second weekend of May.

On Saturday at 2pm is the Bare Bones Duathlon  and the next day at 9am is the Peach Blossom 10 Miler. So In the space of 18 hours and change there is the opportunity to race 26km of Running and 34km on the bike.

Bare Bones Duathlon - 8th Overall - 1:35:04

So First Up on the agenda was the Bare Bones Duathlon. As I mentioned on twitter Duathlons just hurt!
Was a little bit of a rushed morning as had underestimated the Travel Time from Harrison to Penticton so the planned lunch stop had to be foregone for turning up to the race site on time. So race day was fueled by a cranberry square (which was delicious) and a large americano which is maybe a little less than ideal!

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Morning Coffee in Harrison
So after building up the bike, getting checked in and a last minute panic re my rear wheel rubbing it was time to go.

First  up was 5km run which comprises of 2 x 2.5km loops. My main lesson learned from Du's is dont try to smash the first run - having said that given my current leg speed or lack there-of I am not sure I could smash a 5km at the moment. The legs felt a bit blocked form the drive up and there were a lot of fast people out on the run so I guess I came of the first run in about 15th or so.

If this run tells me anything it is that I need to spend more time running but was happy with the pacing. Through a bit of sloppy T1 and it was time to hit the bike. The wind was on our backs going out so it was bout trying to push a big gear and go fast. Coming into OK falls I backed of a little as is open roads and dont totally knwo that descent. Then it is time for the the reverse climb of Maclean creek road

I cooked myself on the climb a little but smashing a little to much and ended up having to recover on the top section and then took the descent easy as the mixture of gravelly roads and a bit of asphalt allergy (fear of hitting the deck). After that it was a hard slog into the wind on the way back.

All in all was a ok bike but got the pacing a bit off on the climb and paid for that. Seem to be biking better in training than racing at the moment but just means some work to do at the shorter race speeds (40+km/h) to get used to pushing those gears for longer intervals.

Was off the bike in 8th with the knowledge that everyone who I had passed had run quicker than me in the first leg so it was time to run in fear!

On the Bike - Photo Credit Penticton Triathlon Club

Time for the second run and had come into T2 with a fellow racer, as much as wanted to run with him it was not to be so it was 5km of trying to maintain effort. Ended up running the second leg the same pace as the first leg and although not fast was a good solid hitout. Ended up holding on to 8th Overall which on a day left some time out on the run course is a good solid day.

 The Bare Bones is a great local race and would encourage anyone who wants to spice up a training weekend is to head up to Penticton to race it in 2015.

Peach Blossom 10 Miler - 15th Overall - 1:05:29 - 14th Overall

So after the Bare Bones Awards and a few Adult Beverages at the North Shore Tri Club BBQ I caught some Z's before awaking for yet another Americano and baked good fueled adventure. The Peach Blososm Race involves you being bused out passed Narramata and running back along a lovely rolling course (with the first 5km having aggressive rolling hills) next to OK lake on the way back to Penticton. Found a pretty good rhythm on this one and with my quads shot from the day before found the uphill sections more to my liking.

In the end was running with another guy until about 11km when it starts to roll downhill. At this point I just had to stick to my downhill rythm and ended up losing a minute over the last 5km. Having said that still engative split the race and had a nice even pace so was a good hard run on tired legs.

The blossom is another great local event and is awesome to so many out running on a Sunday Morning.

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Morning Fuel

On the KVR Photo Credit: Colleen Hodge

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Post Race Recovery

M30-34 Awards Photo Credit: Chris Young
Another Double Trouble Weekend in the Books

So another racing weekend in Penticton in the books. Always fun to head to the Okanagon and racing definitely helps build the fitness and help kick start the build to Challenge Penticton.

If you are looking for a fun early season race double in 2015 this is a great one to go up for. If you do I will likely see you there!