Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post Dave Reed Spring Classic 5km Thoughts

So raced the Dave Reed Spring Classic 5km Today. Came 11/140 Males and 12/226 Overall.

Rumor is course as you run it is around 5.15km depending on the interpretation of the tangents with the seawall/bike path dynamic as was the same course as the St Patrick's Day 5km but Start - Finish differential was around 150m more.

Anyway in the end given the last 3 weeks included 10 Days of rehab with no running and only 60km and 1 quasi speed workout are reasonably happy with the time as with the above information would be within my C Goal for the race.

Started out a little to aggressive and was closer to the front than I would have liked after about 400m and the start of the lumberman hill it would appear and was through the Mile mark at 5:11. Managed to hold on to the group I was with until about the 2 mile mark but then it started to unravel in the last mile and a bit and ended up crossing in 17:10.

Managed to throw up a little post race so I know at least I pushed myself and acheive one of my season goals if I consider this a V02 Max workout. Now looking forward to a few weeks of quality traing before the Sun Run and possibly Times Colonist. Have to get a mole removed form my Calf on Monday so hopefully will have no more than one or two stitches in the leg .

Event was super well run and huge credit goes to VFAC for that and had a good time racing. Warmed down in the trails of Stanley park and may do my tempo progression run there next weekend.

Need to get on the bike trainer for a couple of hours tonight before a swim and more trianer time tommorow.

FYI having not raced this distnace before this counts a PR :)

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