Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Race Time - Harry's Spring Run Off

Due to my procrastination about racing UBC Tri and it filling up I am now racing the spring run off 8km. This is actually a good thing as will be a good chance to spin out in Vancouver and set a baseline for my workout pace going forward.

Stiffness from tuesday and wednesday runs is nearly gone and are wearing arm warmers as calf socks at the moment and they are working sweet. Add this to the recovery mix and life should be good.

Only decided to race post track workout on Tuesday after feeling good at pace so now actually getting a bit psyched about this. Tommorow plan is potentially a 30 minute swim, 45 minute run followed by an hour swim and 30 minute run on Saturday.

In terms of goals thinking this;
A Goal - 26:20
B Goal - 26:45
C Goal - 27:10

PR at this distance is 27:13 one month ago. Aim will be go out at good cadence for the first section and look to build pace as soon as I hit the seawall which will be about the 3km mark. beyond that not sure I can really plan that much, main focus will to be not caught up in the speed of the first km if possible and look to pick of from this point.

After racing will then head back home and watch a few people on the run at UBC Tri beofre either going for a ride outdoors or a long sufferfest on the trainer.

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