Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mid Year Break Came Early

Injury Update

So with my injury decided to shut it down for the majority of the week. Also ended up fighting a slight cold so worked out well in the fact I had a week of recovery and was sick at the same time.

So latest update on leg is from what I can tell from my RMT is that it was a tight piriformis muscle which was then causing tightness down in the sciatic nerve and this is evidently called piriformis syndrome

So all that means is that after 2 hours of RMT and 2 physio sessions and about 5 hours of stretching legs feel 100% better than they have all year and really loose. Still need to build some strength back in my left leg so will continue with rehab for next 3 dayhs before Monday Physio assesment and hopeful green light to start running again. I' ll be hones and say I have run a couple of times for 50m on it and feel no pain although like I have forgotten how to run. Will wait till Tuesday before I try for real.

So Training for the week was;

Sunday (1 hour Running ) including 8km race
Monday - 1 Hour streching and 1 hour physio
Tuesday - 2 hour physio
Wednesday - 1 hour RMT, 1 hour streching, 40 min physio
Thursday - 1 hour swim and 45 minutes streching
Friday - 45 minute Swim
Saturday - 2 hours streching - possible trainer ride.

Basically this means I am feeling super fresh, if not a bit irritabel so will need to build back into season with aim to ge tsome good miles in over the next month or so.

So about to strucutre my next month and finalise my race schedule based on the adjustments. Liekly be doing Dave Reed 5km (Have been told it is now a quest for sub 16 by Nick :) ) Sun Run on Aril 19th and will see what else. Just signed up for Oliver Half so may now race Shawnigan as a half, Olive as a Half, Victoria as an olympic and Vancouver as a half. will see though once I check things out.

Streching to do while I think out my plan.

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