Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I ran today!!!!!!

Midseason break is over and injury recovery is on the way. Had chiro today on the leg and some Active Release Therapy and some Graston stuff. Really impressed with Dr Carla and got a lot more out of this than my physio visits so think it will be a combination of this and massage going forward (More on this another time).

Felt a little beat up when I left but was able to run today. Did forerunners workout and was able to push at times and except for residual soreness would say felt a 8/10. So into 10 days of rehab limtied recovery running then back to it baby.

Run stats about 11km covered at a variety of speed along with 20 minutes or so of stretching/strength.

Midseason Break Stats - 9 Days - 3 Swims a heap of stretching. Full focus on IMC beigns now and time to begin loving my bike

Off to bed now then office with a run at lunch if recover half decent.

For those of you that have got on the bad side of the "boss" here is a video that is pretty funny - go check out what life is like in the doghouse;

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