Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, March 6, 2009

mmm Good or Bad Omen

So did a progression run today, around the seawall on the same course as the spring run off on the weekend. About 9.5 to 10km of total running in 40 minutes.

First 28 minutes was holding around 4:10 min/km then ramped up last 3 km's with a 3:49, 3:40 then a 3:36. Was happy with everything except did not feel super fresh for the whole run and calves and hamstring were still a little tight.

So good omen bad omen thing comes in. If I am feel tired/sluggish before I race I normally go well however I would like the aches and the pains form track to have dissipated by now. Also I would have like that last km to be sub 3:30 so that was a little disappointing but I am sure I lost some time traversing the lighthouse section on the seawall.

So waht does this random post all mean, I don't know. Lots of strechign and a pool session tommorow along with a few strides and likeyl a long warm up on sunday to get the legs loose. Hopfully this will flip me from feeling weird at the start of my runs to fresh.

Good thing about the day was course recon, is a good 1km up ill at the start followed by a downhill jaunt and another uphill before becoming flat. Plan will be to run the uphill conservitely freewheel the downhill and start racing after the second uphill at the 2.5km mark. Not sure what this will mean time wise but think it may be the best plan. Also going to try a breakfast redbull and see what that means.

Well off to sleep and a day of recovery ahead tommorow, hopefully the body gets tip top ahead of sunday.

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