Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ghosting, Cleaning and Motivation

Quick Stats March 08 to March 09 competed in 17 Races in which I Swam 13km, Biked 580km and Ran 261km.

Got this stats after I created my motivation wall in the Den as part of the cleanup/build I did.

Races numbers on this wall are;

08 UBC Olympic Tri, 08 Sun Run, 08 Shawnigan Lake Half Iron, 08 Victoria Half Iron, 08 Peachland 10km, 08 Vancouver Half Iron, Ironman Canada, 08 Bike Barn 10km, 08 Sooke Half Iron, 08 Turkey Trot 10km, 08 Fall Classic Half Marathon, 09 San Diegeto Half Marathon, 09 Harry's Spring Run Off 8km. Missing from the wall until found (if I still have them) are 08 Gunner Shaw 10km, 09 Pioneer 8km, 09 Chilly Chase 10km and 09 IceBreaker 8km.

Next is an idea for cross training. Spent 2 hours tonight watching Hamish and Andy clips with Les. Cheaper than going to the movies and freaking funny.

During this internet entertainment did some handy work again today and now have room for my bikes to hang, bike clothing on the wall, shoe rack and swim, run and bike tubs to make getting out the door at the speed of superman possible. Anything that can maximize training time is a bonus.

Chiro went well again today and got a 90 minute spin in while playing MLB 08 on the PS3.

Couple more pieces of toast and vegemite and sleep awaits.

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