Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, March 27, 2009

5km Time - Guaranteeing a PR

Like Joe Namath I am going to guarantee a PR tomorrow (Guaranteeing Victory would not be possible given the fact the field is to strong for me to consider that possibility)

Factors that should help with promise - do not racing 5km before.

The race is the Dave Reed Spring Classic and is held around Stanley park. Being a race in the Timex series the field will be strong and my race plan is as follows;
  • Start out hard for the first 500m
  • Attack the hill up behind the aquarium
  • Accelerate on the downhill
  • Hold on for the last 3km
This race plan could come to disaster but will also give me a good idea about how hard I can push and if it comes of should hit a good time.

Here are the A, B and C's

A Goal - Sub 16 - No Logic to this one but could claim that I have a 15 min 5km if I run 15:59 :)
B Goal - 16:30 - Based on McMillian Calculator of my Icebreaker 8km Time
C Goal - Sub 17 - Should hit this but you never know

Feel rested up well for this one after the pinched nerve 3 weeks ago. Had essentially 10 days of running and have put in around 60km in the last 8 days and are feeling steadily better. At the moment my gimp factor is 0.25/10 and feeling 98%. If I get sub 16 I will upgrade that to 0/10 Gimp and 100%

Time to lace up the newtons and put in a solid 20 minutes with strides, eat dinner crash then go time tomorrow.

Motto for tomorrow's race - Go Hard or Go Home.

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