Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Treadmill and Snowy Pool

So is still snowing in was on the treadmill for a run today then at the pool for the first PSTC workout of the year;

Pool was surrounded by snow but was 79 degrees so was actually quite pleasant to swim in. Got some good coaching based on a smaller turnout and felt much smoother in the water.

Did about 1600m with some good quality technique and drill work. Two photos of the outdoor pool covered int eh haze of fog and one of my parking effort on the side streets near the office. the city is still a gong show at the moment.

Treadmill run, nothing interesting but wanted to get a run in at something faster than "snow" pace with an 8km race being on my agenda on the weekend. So decided to do a progression run as that adds some variety to the treadmill workout. Struggled a but more than I would like a 6 min mile pace but think this may have just got the cobwebs out. Speed workout on Wednesday at forerunners weather permitting.

Still loving the newtons but looking forward to this damn snow melting, or people shoveling their sidewalks. Thinking hell will freeze over before the latter.

Run with 3% gradient

400m at 6:15min/k; 400m at 6:03min/k; 400m at 5:52min/k; 400m at 5:41min/k; 400m at 5:31min/k; 400m at 5:21min/k; 400m at 5:12min/k; 400m at 5:04min/k; 400m at 4:56min/k; 400m at 4:48min/k; 400m at 4:41min/k; 400m at 4:34min/k; 400m at 4:28min/k; 400m at 4:22min/k; 400m at 4:16min/k; 400m at 4:10min/k; 400m at 4:05min/k; 400m at 3:59min/k;
400m at 3:54min/k; 400m at 3:50min/k; 400m at 3:45min/k

equated to 40:19 of running and 8.4km of distance covered and 874 foot of elevation gained.

Race plan for the weekend to come soon

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