Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, January 23, 2009

Killer day but Rewarding - Marathon Day!!!

So today could be the scene of thursdays to come..aim kick the crap out of me in a responsible way!!!

Morning - 11.6km Run to always with the commute was carrying wallet blackberry and this time swim gear. Plus about 4 layers based on the sub zero celsius temp. Run to work sucks!!! is a constant up hill but gets it out of the way

Lunch - 30 Min gym workout...11 min running drills and 2o minutes core work

Evening - 18.78km
Meant to leave work at 5..come 5:30pm was in the locker room, super quick transition and on the rode at 5:36.....18.78km to do in 1:24 .... mmmmm not as easy as I would have like for this run...ended up doing it in 1:29 at a respectable pace of 4:46 km's. Given carrying all the extra crap was happy with this.

Swam - 50 minutes..Was shagged but still ddi it, wimped out of turning it into a triple a hitched home with the famous Nick C

Add to this the forernners workout the night before (11.6km of interval work across 48 minutes) and ran a total of 41.98km in 24 hours......damn should have just run around the block once at lunch and would have had the 42.2km. Having said that 10 minutes of running drills at lunch count so awesome....

Wednesday 7pm to Thursday 7pm is now my "Marathon Day" split over 3 runs and with an eye to recovery on the thursday.

FYI my time for the "Marathon" was 3:24:25

Track workout on the agenda tommorow (Friday) with swim in am and maybe a quick spin at night.

Saturday, Swim Bike Run

Sunday.......Swim, Bike, Run

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