Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, January 2, 2009

Shortest Day if Triathlon - Dec 21

So to kick ff the winter campaign in full earnest we got together and decided to exercise from dawn to dusk on the shortest day of the year. This day also happened to bring with it 30cm of snow which I will get to later.

6hours 28 Minutes on the bike and run

bike 1 hr 3 min 48 sec
Trainer Ride - Low Intensity
run 40 min 9 sec, 6.8 km
Snow and Slush
bike 2 hr 18 min 9 sec
Trainer ride
run 2 hr 13 min 28 sec, 18.0 km
Snow and Slush - Some Walking
bike 14 min 32 sec
Trainer Cool Down

Snow and Slush

So biking was ok as was indoors in the spinner, generally pretty much cruising especially knowing what was involved on the run. Running during a snow storm is like one long speed workout even though you are running slower than a recovery run. First run involved some cross trianing with helping push out a Mercedes c230 onto a side road and 1 foot deep hill climbs up QE hill.

Hit the Wall

Second run was the first time I have bonked on a run in a whie, after having slip and slided around for for 90 minutes my body started to shut down on all the icey and snowy bits. Funny thing was everytime we hit a shovelled sidewalk the feeling of speed was fantastic.

To Finish the Day

A beer mile was held, but more on that in the race report. All in all was a pretty good day and one of many 6 to 8 hour training days to come inthe coming months.

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