Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Psyched - For many things

The Swim

Anyone who knows my performance last year was always done with a bit of community spirit in the swim as I always held back and made sure 95% of the field was out of the water before exiting myself...I wish!!!!

Anyway my motivation over the past 3 weeks and for the rest of the year is number 92 (That was the number out of 94 I was in the swim at IM Canada). Not much better in any of my other races either. So 15 months after barely being able to swim a length of the UBC pool I now find myself there 2 to 3 times a week with a couple Cameos at other pools working on ym technique and stroke.

So the news is still a long wayt to go but at the moment are swimming faster than I ever had and based on indicators tonight if I go thrown into the water for an Ironman Swim without a wetsuit I would be 15 minutes or so faster than my time last year. Add to that the wetsuit and realistically could swim a 1:15 to 1:20 at the moment.

Lots of work to do but signs are good....being in the pool 14 of the last 18 days has really helped so aim will be for each month up until april to increase my days in the pool for the month each month. Realistically thinking aiming for a sub 1:10 could happen!!!! which would fall into my 10 plan for ironman

1:10 Swim; 5:10 Bike: 3:10 Run 10 Min Tranistion and porta potties; 10 Min contigency adds up to 10 minutes below 10 hours

Ice Breaker 8km

Racing thsi weekend and intend to be semi fresh....treating this as a b race of memory...have hads a rest/light week this week so should be feeling good. Time will tell. Race Plan to be posted tommorow

Stay Classy San Diego

9 Days and will be in San diego....plans for that to be announced but will include riding a stage of the Tour of California...hopefully close to 1000km of riding, 5 days of running and 5 days of swimming

Also just found out there is a half marathon the day after we arrive...US Debut awaits :)

Generally Pscyhed

Loving this right now, just need to focus on my recovery and listen to my body but handling early season volume well.

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