Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chilly Chase 10km - The Race Plan

So I am sitting at home eating toast and Vegemite (Thanks Adrienne you legend) and eating coffee and watching the "Obama Express" coverage.

I tell you, if CNN started to cover sport it would be pretty entertaining
- Tiger Woods has just missed a 11 foot put on the practice green at home, does this mean his game is of. To discuss we have brought in two Golf Analysts one from titleist and one from Nike to discuss the impacts of this on the golf economy. But we have the Golf Channel for this so I suppose the market is taken.

Anyway here is the plan for tomorrow, having a reasonably heavy low heart rate training day today but figure should still be fresh tomorrow. Is a 9am start so are planning a 30 minute warm up and some dynamic drills. Are pace setting with Nick so we will likely alternate km's at the front. Based on my ability to go out slow I sense we will have Nick Lead the first km and alternate from there. From a plan perspective I would like to go something like;

1km - 3:20 to 3:25
Km's 2 to 8 - No Higher than 3:30
5km Split - 17:15 to 17:30
Km 9 - 3:25
Km 10 - 3:20

That's the plan, execution is another but if speed in legs is there should hopefully go between 34:30 and 35. Happy to blow out in this one if the risk means potentially going sub 35 so will definitely be "time trialling"

Will see what happens...good day of training thus far, fog is lifting so may ride outdoors today.

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