Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep, Long Intervals and a Pre Race Preview

Sleep (63% - Yeah Baby)

So are well tapered for this as slept 53 hours in 84 hour period (63% vs a normal avg of 35%) since turning 29. Now I know getting old sometimes has an effect but never new that much. Anyway think I am over whatever I had today actually had an appetite and bar an evening nap energy levels were high.

Long Intervals - Back Running :)

From a good news perspective completed my first long interval workout since my hamstring strain and remembered how to hut again. There is something pure about doing a run workout on your own and just giving it to hit your targets knowing that no-one would really know if you eased off. This sense of discipline is something that I need to transfer over to the swim and bike a little bit more.

My run workout was a leg swings and balance board at home followed by a 10 minute warm up jog then 5 5 minute intervals with 5 minutes of a walking recovery. Did this as a pyramid with Intervals 1 and 5 and Half Marathon Pace, 2 and 4 at 10km Pace and Interval 3 at 5km pace. Felt slow but was within a second or three per km of these metrics so can't complain. Key part was no hamstring tightness so are happy with this aspect.

Pre Race Preview - VOWSA Canada 4km Swim at Sasamatt

About to powernap before heading out to volunteer, powernap, race and then do some riding around Sasamatt. This swim will give me an idea of where I am at for Ironman and given a pretty crappy lead in this past week any time I get out of this would be the "low benchmark".

My focus is going to be on a nice long stroke, good body roll and jkeeping focussed for the duration of the swim. Will definetely be multi-loop but not sure if it involves multiple entry and exits or just buoy turns. From a race goal perspective here goes;

A Goal - 1:15:00 - Would be shocked if I nailed this but A Goals aren't meant to be easy

B Goal 1:17:30 - This would be consistent with my Oliver Pacing

C Goal 1:20:00 - Holding 2 min 100m is at least a mental breakthrough for this loinger distance.

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