Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 Weeks to Go Time - IMC Awaits

A short post on the next 5 weeks. At the moment are a mixture of excited, nervous and ready for IMC. From a training perspective swim is slowly improving, have had some really good weekends on the bike and run is feeling strong although I suppose I will not know until race day.

Have gone through some big sessions that will prepare me well for race day and the focus for the next few weeks will be dialing in my nutrition. This coming week are heading to Penticton for 5 days and plan will be a mix of all 3 disciplines with a Race Day Simulation on the bike.

Some specifics on the last big workout for each discipline;

- 10 x 550m at race pace (40 Laps of Kits Pool)
Bike - IMC Course Race Simulation
Run - 90 minutes easy + 90 minute progression run (45 minutes at marathon pace - 20 minutes :10 to :15/km faster than marathon pace - 10 minutes progressing gradually from threshold to 5k pace)

These above workouts will give me an idea of where my fitness is at and target times. From a racing strategy the following is the approach I will take into these workouts and hence race day;
  • I will be looking to focus on technique in the swim
  • Maintaining my target HR range on the bike using course time checks as a secondary indicator
  • Focusing on form and cadence on the run and using any spikes or drops in HR as a warning indicator. Achieving my potential on the run is going to be about pushing hard but not hard a using the pain as energy.
That is the quick thoughts for today. Looking forward to the next few weeks and formulating the final race plan for IMC

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  1. Holy crap! Are you trying to kill yourself??!! I guess youth has its advantages from a physical perspective. Age has its advantages from a wisdom perspective. ;-)