Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, July 17, 2009

Epic Riding Day in penticton!!!

Ok for something new a video post - Post Ride Re-Cap. For those Who can't be bothered watching a Vid, can't understand my accent, was too much background in the video a summary is below.

But video will nto upload to a slow connection so will post that as soon as I can get it on youtube!!!! Text Version of the report below.

So the objective of today's ride was to get some exposure to the Okanagon heat, stay away from the IMC course as much as possible, explore some new territory and climb as much as possible.

We are staying at the Lost Moose Lodge overlooking penticton and decended down to the town. head out along the IMc course and down McClean Creek Road as wanted to practice the decent whihc is not technical but has a few bloindish corners which are hard to attack if you do not have the confidence.

From tehre it was through OK Falls up Green Mountain Road to Whitelake Road and past the observatory. The scenery up here was very unique with a desert landscape and temperatures touched around 42 degrees in the open sun off the taramc according to my watch.

Hit up twin lakes golf course for a turkey bun and more gatorade before decending down from twin lakes towards keremeos and picking up Green Mountain Raod again toward APEX and down through the Indian Band Lands to Penticton.

At this point had covered about 105km in 4 hours and was only 7.75km from the campsite. Only issue those 7.75 km where up a 7.5% Average grade with multiple switch backs and sections definetely exceeding 10%. Pretty sure I bonked half way up and ran out of liquid making the last 4km and absolute brute. Did not break any records on this ascent and averaged around 8km/h (Lol). Dragged myself into camp rehydrated and looked at the crazy amount of salt caked on my jersey :) More sodium next time out.

In the end an epic ride where I had to push myself as was out solo and climbed around 600o feet over 110 or so km.

Total ride time was around 5 hours and average HR held at 146 (72% of MAx). Spent lots of time in zone, lots of time climbing, saw some new territory and had fun. Once agains proves that the best riding in Penticton is off the IMC course (did not get buzzed once by truck, camper etc!!!)

Nutrition summary was a lara bar, cliff bar, turkey bun with mustard, 2 Gatorade, 2 Powerade, 2 Water. Deifnetely needed more fluids and salt in retrospect but oh and learn. Also if it is smoking on race day aero helmet may be left at home....was hot even under my cat like...whished I'd spent the extra $100 for the whisperlite.

I met pain and fatigue today and survived!!! Tommorow's agenda is long run, maybe one repeat up the hill then lunch with Family before a country wedding and reception. Sunday will be a long ride with the kiwis. Hoepfully I can sneak in a couple swims as well.

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