Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tour to Hell and Back - Stage 1 complete

Stage 1 Report - Kits to Harrison Hot Springs

After a day of work, headed out about 1 hour behind schedule so was fighting daylight on my journey. As those from Vancouver will know riding through Vancouver can be a little bit of a struggle at times with traffic and all so I new I would be off to a slow start.

Being a point to point ride I brought a few more tools than normal and dropped into Speed Theory on the way out to grab a patch kit in case of more than two flats. For those interested for these rides I bring a full allen key set, boot, two tubes, 2c02, a c02 inflator, mini pump and red light along with a cygolite battery and the light mounted to the stem. Add to this I had my blackberry, camera, 6 gu's, credit cards & id and a second water bottle. The c02, inflator and tubes live on the bike along with the first water bottle and the rest is in my jersey pocket making me look like a super domestique :)

As always got stuck in traffic in Vancouver and given the traffic decided to head out along the Barnet Highway to try and gain some time. From this point on was able to pick up the pace and although I hit a few lights through Coquitlam was out in Pitt Meadows and working hard in the aero position. I rejoined the Lougheed near the Albion Ferry and refuelled with a couple bottles of Gatorade just outside of Mission.

Once getting past Mission the ride gets nice and rural with mountains to the left a right and the Fraser river remaining close by. I had tunes going in my non traffic ear and was singing along especially when a bit of Michael Jackson hit the play list. Just tried to get in a steady rhythm through this section and was averaging about 38km/h on the flats. Before I knew it I was into Harrison Mills and after a a little uphill section (Not as much as I had remembered from driving I was descending towards Harrison.

By this time it was 9:20pm and the sun was just setting just in time for me to hit the last 6km to Harrison Hot Springs before the twilight disappeared. All in all this was sweet ride and one of the most scenic I have enjoyed. Leslie had just arrived at the condo when I rolled in so my timing was perfect.

Tomorrow is the ride to Hell!!!!! Hell's Gate that is and a visit to Dinotown before a medium run.

Ride stats from today

Distance - 130km, Elapsed Time - 4:15 Ride Time - 4:05, Average Speed 32km/h, Avg HR 145, Max HR 174, Max Speed 70km/h, Ascent 713 metres (2339 Feet), Decent 711 metres (2333 Feet)

Some photos from today are embedded below;

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