Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, July 10, 2009

A boring Post for the data junkies - a long run analyzed

This one is for the data junkies. This is what a workout looks like when downloaded from my Suunto T6C. Tonight's workout was a long run with a 90 minute warmup at easy pace around kits, jericho and spainish bank beaches (around 5 min km) then 8x 800m > Lactate Threshold with 800m float recovery.

I got my course a little wrong however was averaging around 3:56 per km for the interval which was slower than target and something I need to work on next time in terms of pushing harder. My float sessions averaged around 4:56 per km. From a heart rate perspective I would expect a faster than LT session to avg around 180 and peak above 185

Starting to see the value in a foot pod for data analysis but not sure if it would end up giving me too much data. Would be happy to test drive one for a month or so though :)

Surface for the intervals was hard packed trails around Jericho Beach (Likely lost about 8 sec a km as a result) and ran in my Newton Neutral Racers

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