Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, July 3, 2009

Going to Hell and Back - Weekend Plans

So tonight my plan is to start a journey towards hell. After work I will be riding from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs via the number 7 Highway. This ride is about 137km door to door with a few nice little climbs interspersed. No super happy about having to ride with having to ride at rush hour but are taking the SFU hill to avoid Barnet highway madness. Hope to knock this ride of in about 4.5 hours

Ride to Harrison Hot Springs

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Tomorrow morning I will the get to ride to Hell!!!!! Hells Gate in the Fraser Canyon that is. From Harrison this is about a 90km sojourn which from what I can find goes through about 7 tunnels. The fudge factory may get destroyed depending on my energy levels.

Ride to Hell's Gate

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Leslie (My Wife) is going to drive out there at a more reasonable hour and we are going to go check this out then drive back and head to Dino Town in Chilliwack. Two grown adults at a dinosaur theme park should be the highlight of the trip with mini golf and paddle boats on the agenda. Add to this the awesome theme song on the website and you can't go wrong.

Upon this adventure I plan to run back to Harrison Hot Springs and go for a cool down dip in the lake

Run from Dinotown to Harrison Hot Springs

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Sunday I plan to hang out during the day, maybe go for a swim and then head off after lunch back to Vancovuer. Haven't decided on ride route yet but this one is under consideration

Ride Home via 0 avenue???

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Camera is a chargin and will try to put together a photo journal plus route report. Good times ahead with around 400km of cycling ahead this weekend.

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