Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IM CDA 09 Crash Video - I hope there is an explanation

SO have watched this 6 times and still can't believe it. Thew way I read this situation is as such;
  • Guy Overtakes (Could be he is getting overtaken on the inside (illegal) but this does not seem to be the case)
  • Guy Blocks by slowing down immediately to grab something from his jersey pocket.
  • Guys veers to the inside and body checks other ride
Up to this point it could all be an error and the like, however.

If you just dropped somebody on the asphalt would you not at least stop to check they are ok? I can only awesome in the heat of competition the person though somebody had just ridden into the back of them and it was completely their fault.

I would still hope I would stop in this circumstance at least to check if that rider was ok. Still in shock from having viewed this 10 times.


  1. There was a whole lot of bad/unsafe cycling technigue at IM CdA. Lots of blocking. Lots or erratic behaviour. In fact, I think I recognize that dude in the video from the race.

  2. there is a LOT of drafting going on there. YOWZA.

    My take on that is he was going for something in his pocket and had really bad balance and swerved. But I can't believe he didn't even stop to look back or anything.

  3. Wow, I sincerely hope that it was an accident, but nevertheless the guy who caused it should have stopped to see if the other was okay.

    Similar type of thing happened to me about a year ago in a race and I wrote a post about it here (

  4. I think it's the classic bad bike handling, tired rider, loses concentration, swerves and oops... but he does look back, and he must have known he swerved. That makes him an a$$hole for not stopping in my humble opinion.

    Although, there are so many people there (and very close by) that stopping might cause another accident...

  5. My vote is in for bad bike handling. As for what continuing on makes him... well.. tough call. After a crash early in the season, I ran into someone who was involved several months later. He recognized me and apologized for what may or may not have been his fault to begin with... Who knows what the guy in the vid was thinking, but things definately change in a race setting.