Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, June 12, 2009

The 100 day Plan to IMC

Those around me know of the 100 day plan and and some aspects however I haven't got around to documenting it so it here it is.

Currently it is 79 days to go.

What is the 100 Day Plan?

The 100 day Plan is a the focus on the lead up to Ironman Canada and it is about controlling the factors that I can control in the leadup to allow for the best performance come race day.

My 2009 and 2010 Plan is to qualify for Kona in this window and the 100 day plan is part of this. I also hope that some of the habits I develop through this I can take into my day to day routine to undergo the ongoing benefits.

The 100 day Plan


Connecting with Friends - Working 40+ hours a week, training 20 hours a week and eating (it just takes time) can lead you to neglect not "athlete types". I am making the conscious effort to connect with these people on a regular basis as in the end these people offer me a lot of support and just because they don't think training 20 hours is normal they shouldn't be neglected.

Say Thanks - I have some awesome people around me and is important not to take them for granted and say thanks when I get the opportunity.

Have Fun - This is what we do this for right? Big focus of my sessions is to make sure I have fun. Whether it be enjoying the scenery on long rides or enjoying the company of people I train with as I have got to know some pretty awesome people through this sport.

Positive People - Surround myself around positive people. Life is to short to put up with to much negativity.


Alcohol - Only one day a month were I can indulge in a few beers and the like. The main driver behind this is to drive some weight loss without compromising my calorie intake to allow for productive training.

I have no specific weight goals and are already about 5 pounds lighter than my racing weight last year however I want to be as lean as possible coming to the start line at IMC.

Eat Well - Just trying to learn and focus on nutrition a lot more and eat on a regular basis throughout the day. In addition to this try and stay hydrated.

Coffee - No Coffee from Tuesday to Friday. Trying to decrease my caffeine tolerance and drink more water and/or green tea.


Focus on the process - Trust in the process and the results will come.

Remember the goal - As I approach decisions that could compromise training or health consider the question - Does this get me to Kona? This is not a be all and end all question but can make decisions around what I eat, when I sleep etc a lot easier.

Visualise - Visualise Success and achievement. especially when having a hard day. Envisage the last 2 mile of a run as the the last 2 mile of IMC and you are chasing somebody down for a Kona spot. This type of thinking will help you achieve your training goals.


Sleep -
Big Focus on getting enough sleep, whether that be Nana naps or just making sure I get to bed earlier.

Recovery is Key - Whether t be Ice Baths, standing in the ocean, stretching, balance board and wearing my skins recovery is a key focus. Anytime spent recovering is likely to reduce the risk of injury and allow me to hit my hard workouts hard.


Swim - Swim lots. Aim is to swim 100 times during the 100 day plan. Will start to incorporate double swim days in when the time is right. I have a pool 10 minutes walk from my desk at work so really have no excuses for not getting in 30 minutes at lunch. This port is my limiter so is the one with most potential for gain.

Technique - technique is King - Big focus on making sure technique evolves for swimming, biking, running and transition.

Hard is Hard
- If a workout is meant to be hard - Work it hard.

Easy is Easy - If a workout is easy take it easy and say hi to everyone as they cruise can smoke by them on your hard workouts.


Race and Learn from racing - Aim is to race hard, try different things and race as often as makes sense. Part of this is respecting the level of race. Is it is a C race then you still ride and run the days before as per the plan. Also look to try different things in these raises like working the swim harder, pushing the bike, dialling in nutrition etc.

Go sub 4:25 in a Half Iron
Original goal was 4:40 but nailed this in Oliver at a C race with a long bike course, swim course and T1. Have adjusted goal now and it is to go Sub 4:25 in Victoria or Vancouver.

Pr Scotiabank Half Marathon
- Need to run sub 1:19 or so which on a fast course should not be a problem. Have lots of friends racing this day so should be fun.

Qualify for Kona!!!!! - Day 100 is all about this. Race hard, commit and push yourself to what is required to get that spot. This will mean taking risks especially on the run at the risk of blowing up but learning that line is what all the above points are about.

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  1. I like your thinking here... having a plan is half the battle sometimes. I'm looking forward to tracking your race at IMC!