Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Couple Weeks in Review

So based on writing race reports and the like I did not get around to posting the week in review and week plan last Monday so now is time to look back on the past two weeks. I will post my week plan with relation to the Vic Half Ironman and goal times tonight or tommorow

June 1st to June 7th

This was my second hard week in a row culminating with the Oliver Half Iron.

Total Training - Approx 18 hours (Swim - 3:00, Bike, 11:50, Run 4:10)

- was my 1/2 rest day with the club swim in the evening. Got some really good technique work done.
Tuesday - I got in the pool for 40 minutes or so at lunch and did a 1:10 run from work home with 30 minutes of long intervals in the middle followed by 30 minutes of drills.
Wednesday - was a 40 minute swim at lunch followed by an hour workout with forerunners revolved around hills
Thursday - was and hour ride which included a little crash so I did not ride the extra hour on top that I had planned.
Friday - I took as a recovery day except for a 30 minute spin on my Tri bike to see everything was operational (Body wise)
Saturday - was an epic 160km from oliver to keremeos via oysoos with a bit of the out and back then back to Oliver via keremeos. Ended up being about 160km of riding across about 5:30 in winds up to 45km/h. This was a good way to get accustomed to deep dish wheels :)
Sunday - was the Oliver half iron where I unexpectedely crushed this "c" race

June 8th to June 14th

This was an easy week on the schedule after two weeks of hard training followed by a race.

Total Training - Approx 12 hours (Swim - 4:00, Bike, 4:00, Run 4:00)

Monday - Swam for about 40 minutes at the club swim then watched the good guys to get some technique updates
Tuesday - 40 Minutes of Running Drills in what was essentially a rest day.
Wednesday - 1:10 Run with forerunners focussed on cruise intervals
Thursday - 1:20 ride with 10 minutes of hard hard riding and a variety of technique work followed by at 40 minute swim.
Friday - 35 Minute Swim at kits pool
Saturday - 1 hour swim with club, 2 hour 60km ride with drills and two 6km intervals at TT pace and 5km progression run. TT times at Iona where sweet were I as was averaging about 39.5km/h inot the wind and about 43km/h on my return interval.
Sunday - 1:10 swimming at Sasamat lake including a practice swim exit and a 1:40 trail run at SFU which included about 1800 feet of climbing.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Congrats on your awesome race at Oliver - amazing that you negative split the run! Wish I could do that :)

    The 100 day plan sounds pretty sweet! Looks like you have been doing some great training!

  2. hey it was nice seeing you tonight. See you on either Thursday or the weekend.