Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being at One with the Road

On group ride tonight going up hill to 4th avenue caught a wheel and went down. Not sure if this is actually how one is meant to become one with the road. Anyway asides from a little road rash and bruising are feeling ok. I hit the wheel so can't complain, just didn't anticipate what was happening ahead well enough I suppose.

Only concern is a little bruising on the the heal of my left hand however I think with ice everything will be good. To be honest this just reminds me of when I used to play contact sport. Was able to finish the ride and wound clean up wasn't to painful - thankfully I had my legs waxed on Sunday which turned out to be a good life decision based on this happening.

Summary of injuries (If I get around to it I will take some photos)
  • Left Knee cut
  • Very minor road rash on left shin
  • Minor road rash on left shoulder
  • Slight abrasion and bruising on heal of left hand
  • Couple scarped knuckles on right hand
  • Shiner on right cheek (From wheel from the next bike going over the top of me)
Was on the road bike and no damage to equipment and thanks to Doug from Speed Theory who was able to adjust the headset so the bike road straight.

Looking like training and racing weekend will still go ahead. Oh and evidently I can swear a lot in the space of 5 seconds from hitting the wheel to going down.

Out for now...back to icing


  1. what group rides are these? I've been looking for some to do. Is this the Pacific Spirit group rides or a roadie group ride?

  2. Welcome to the club man, you can take over the rotating presidency :) I have some extra tegaderm for the rash if you want to waterproof it for swimming.