Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horrible Runs

Not full of handy advice here but more of an observation. Lots of tweets, statuses, blogs are about awesome runs.

The reality for me is I tend to go through patches were I have runs that could be described as "sub" awesome - or in other words horrible. 

Sometimes for me it is self inflicted - dehydrated, ate to close to the run, overdressed. Other times I sense it is just mental preparation - or lack thereof or just general fatigue.

I have actually come to relish these runs as toughing it out from the mental aspect and just chalking the session down to time on feet and just run on feel which normally means plodding along pretty was (pace wise - I tell you the body doesn't always call these easy) and ignore the watch as seeing your km slits go by and thinking that should be your mile splits is something nobody needs to see.

From a confidence perspective the horrible runs (normally associate with my longer sessions) don't particularly phase me as come race days have often had good results even after a few longer runs I would rather forget.

Last couple days saw a a couple 15km runs in the sub awesome bracket - was tempted to just stop and go drink beer but managed to tough it out and hopefully will reap the rewards at a later date.

Next run on te agenda for me is in te am before work tommorow - so third time lucky I hope and the legs will be rolling. Even if they are not will listen to the body, adapt and just take it as time on feet and adapt the coming week if the trend continues and a bit more recovery is needed.

So whether your runs are awesome all the time or "sub" awesome on occasion embrace it and have fun out there.

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  1. Good mentality. Sometimes the worst sessions give the best lessons