Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who needs altitude - Steveston Icebreaker 8km

Today was Steveston Icebreaker - local 8km which brings out a good fast field.

Race start is about 500m or so from my house hitch proves handy today. Ace started at 8:30 and up until 8:30 wasn't sure if I would run.  Reality of life of having two little snot magnets (I mean kids under 3) is a few colds pass through the house. Normally mange I avoid most of them but caught this one early in the week so have been sick since wed am. Mornings tend to be worst due to lying horizontal an a night time focused on increasing lung capacity through violent coughing which is a talent I remember posses in since being a kid.

So had a hot shower and a cup of coffee from my aeropress (that is a blogpost in itself - love that thing)

Then did some drills with my nearly 3yo and headed out the door at 8:23 for my first piece of exercise in 5 days with a jog to the start. Chest felt ok throat still raw so decided would give it a shot as figured cold wasn't in chest so hard run in theory wouldn't delay recovery (next couple days will tell)

Jogged up to start for the 3 min warning and then got ready for the gun. Definetrly no expectations so just rolled out.

First couple clicks were not bad but any attempt to go above threshold had me feeling decidedly average so just sat in a rythm and thought would see what happened at half way. Had a couple people rom past but any attempts to latch on we're not to be - my body had set its limit for the day.

Managed to hold my position and mate grab a couple over the last 4km and had a slight negative split so a good hit out. Time a good minut slower that what I would expect but given it felt like half marathon pace I will take it.

Had a great brunch at out house with some of the friends have made from runnin and tri in Vancouver over the past few years so was good from that aspect well. Lots of PR's in that group which is always great to see.

So race. 2 for 2014 in the books. 8km in 28:38 with km splits of 3:31, 3:31, 3:43, 3:48, 3:31, 3:39, 3:36 and 3:15.

Good to so lots I folks out there including meeting some fellow Powered By Choolate Milk Ambassdor Nikki post race 

Solana from the world of twitter - will look at that 5 peaks schedule and see if I an venture onto the trails.

Also good to meet Bryan from the world of strava - apologies I was still coughing up both my lungs during that convo.

Thanks to Bjoern and Steph for te cheers and updates on the bus schedule (a joke that woul need a post in itself)

Lastly good to hang out with te clan for at Forerunners North Van and catch up with some folks for the first time this year. 

Always fun to race - would not recommend racing still sick but when it's on your back door and you are already entered it is hard to resist.

Next race is TBD - but till then focus is watching the Super Bowl - Go hawks

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  1. Hope you had a great brunch and afternoon to follow! Nice to finally meet you in person today!