Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Local Racing - MEC 5km - 1st 17:53

So laced up the shoes - well at least one of them and ran a local 5km this am. The MEC race series is quite low key (and cheap entry) so for a forces hard session is a good option.

Didn't set an alarm prior so woke up with the fam 1hr before race start. So it was a quick change and grab of a granola bar and off to race.

Race is about 8km from my house so know the route well (along the north dyke in richmond) 

Small field in the 5km as was a 10km going as well but wanted a shorter effort as hard run miles are still to be built for 2014. 

Went watchless - not by design but due to rush out the door but like running watchless as allows tountonfocusnon tempo. I often use wrist bands to cover up my watch when In a race so I don't focus on it and focus on effort/form.

In the end it was a solo run after about 500m so just found a good tempo. Good news is legs felt pretty good and it all felt nice and controlled. 17:53 is not near. My fastest 5km times but happy with the run.

Always nice to to get a W even in a small race and haven't had one in a while so that was also great. 

I like to race when not fully tapered and fit on occasion as the process of racing is something to be experienced. Plus it is great to support local races. Congrats to everyone  who laced up today tried to give as many smiles as possible on the way back.

Was a nice way to earn my Chocolate Milk this am!

Trying not to go out to fast

50m and a shrt climb (by Richmond standards) to go

Thanks to Bjoern for the photos who was out supporting some of his athletes from TeamOssenbrink who were out racin in both the 5 and 10km

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