Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Race Schedule

So after a bit of planning and some thought here is my tentative race schedule for 2014 along with some thoughts of why I have chosen certain races.

The A Race - The A race of the summer for me is Challenge Penticton (Iron Distance) The reason for this is that it is a course I know well in a town that has strong family ties. I really want to have a fast day out on that course so that is the basket I am putting my eggs in for the summer of 2014.

Other Possibilities - One possibility that is not on this list is Challenge StAndrews (Half Iron) on Jul 6th. Logistics are a bit tough on this one but if I could work them out would love to visit and race on the east coast of Canada

Jan 19 Mec Vancouver Race 1 - 5km (Run)

Racing the 5km here as is nice and close to home. Basically running as a hard workout and will likely run to and from the race (10km each way) to get some mileage in on the day.

Feb 2
Steveston Icebreaker - 8km (Run)

This is my hometown race with a start line 400m from my door. Is always a fast field and looking forward to having a nice hard hit out and hopefully getting closer to strong run shape.

Feb 16
First Half Half Marathon (Run)

This is a awesome race! For whatever reason have never had super strong days on this course. Reality is will still be a bit underdone at this point of the year with my main focus being late summer but looking forward to running a smart race and having some fun.

Mar 2
Aldergrove Short RR (Bike)

Looking forward to getting in some nice racing miles in the B's during the spring series. Bike racing last year set me up with a good base for the year and looking forward to having a solid March on the bike hanging on for dear life up the hills and trying to push the pace on the flats.

Mar 9
UBC Olympic (Tri)

It's normally cold and wet but it is a tri so looking forward to lining up - bundling up on the bike and running on smashed legs for the first time in 2014.

Mar 15
Bradner RR (Bike)

Another day for some road racing. Depending on the plans we may base he family out in the valley at Harrison Hot Springs (I need to reclaim a couple Strava KOM's!) this weekend and get a reprieve from the city.

Mar 16
Murchie Road RR (Bike)

Part of the back to back road racing weekend. May look to get dropped off and ride home from this one to get in some extra miles. Early season miles equal late season smiles.

Mar 23
Comox Half Marathon (Run)

Have only done this once and love the course and the event. May take the Friday off and ride up the coast and ride back post race if the logistics make sense and turn it into a solo training camp long weekend.

Mar 29-30
DEVO Stage Race (Bike)

A crit and TT on day 1 and a road race on the Snake Course on day 2. Once again may base the family in the valley and ride home from the stage race to get in some extra miles.

Apr 26
Delta Sprint Distance (Tri)

Have never done this race and should be getting into shape at this point. Will be nice to go at full gas for an hour and see how I stack up against the fast kids.

Apr 27
Vancouver Sun Run - 10km (Run)

Organizing the work team for this so will be out to represent. Will be backing up from he previous day but is always fun to run the Sun Run especially with the first km being downhill madness.

May 10
Bare Bones Duathlon (Du)

The tradition continues! However given that this is the provincial duathlon championships I will try not to smash myself on the bike the am of the race! 

May 11
Peach Blossom 10 Miler (Run)

Another back to back performance. Aim here is to go under an hour so will need to recover well after racing the afternoon before.

May 25
Shawnigan Lake Trestle Challenge (Tri)

This race is no longer a half but the 1.5km swim / 44km Bike / 20km run should be just as painful. Love the bike course here so will be a full gas effort and then try and hit my target half IM pace on the run.

Jun 15
Victoria Half Iron (Tri)

This race has a lot of history so will be nice to put a focus on this and go hard from the gun. Will look to have a good taper for this and get a strong race result in the bank early in the tri season.

Jun 21 Victoria Gran Fondo (Bike)

Did this last year and is the best event I have ever done. 270km is a huge day in the saddle and the route has a good chunk of climbing with amazing event support. 

Jul 13Vancouver Half Iron (Tri)

Vancouver Half Iron is provincials and nationals so looking forward to a fast field. Main aim for this one is a strong hit out and a fast run of a strong training block.

Jul 20
Peach Classic Olympic (Tri)

Peach Classic is another great event. May race the sprint if I am up for having some fun as is the provincial sprint champs.

Aug 4
Nelson Olympic (Tri)

Have always wanted to do this race so may as well do it this year. we have family in Nelson and is some great riding around Nelson so would be great to combine this with some riding and time in the lake.

Aug 24
Challenge Penticton (Tri)

Boom - The A race - The goal for 2014 is top 5 and around 9 hours so lots of work to do. 2013 I had quite an interrupted and short prep for this race so looking forward to a strong summer of work ahead of the day.

Beyond August

Who knows - chances are there will be changes to the above and depending how everything goes that will determine the road through the rest of 2014. 

The main aim is to have fun and looking forward to racing some new races and having a strong year.

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  1. Wow! Looks like your racing almost every weekend January - August! Amazing! Looking forward to reading all about it, and I am sure 2014 will bring you more successes. We will be in Vancity end of July, very excited, Colin is doing IMC. Hopefully we can all catch up!