Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swim Drills from the Slow lane

FYI my swim sucks but have moved it from the stage of close to drowning to below below average. Improvement must be enough as are actually getting comments on how my swimming has improved over the last 6 months from people at the pool.

Hate to know how bad I looked before however here are some of the things I have and will continue to work on. The no 1 thing for me is getting to the pool as many days a week as possible to get a "feel for the water" and doing the below drills rather than swimming mindless laps helps to facilitate this.

Boring but effective. Trying to get feel for water.

With fins or band around feet.
Swimming without kicking. Need to really focus on body position of torso to keep legs up. Not unusaual to have legs drop to 45 degrees if balance is off.

Kicking on back and side
Looking to get long straight kick and small focus on making sure toes point inwards to form a triangle.

Slow motion

Have done a bit of focus on really engaging the catch. Things have been working on

Ø Wide Entry – Pretty much as wide as possible

Ø Focussing on position of elbow throughout catch and keeping high

Ø Envisaging wrapping hand and forearm around barrel before pulling

Ø Starting catch super slow and accelerating through – too make sure actually engage water when beginning pull.

By going slow I feel can isolate weak and dead spots.

Fist Drills

Really makes grabbing the water key

Dry Land

Stretch cords attached to swim paddles. Working through the stroke in slow motion.

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