Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Weekend - Fun times Training

Rest Day - Today :)
KM Rode - 0 Km's Run 0

Well I sit here on a well deserved rest day. Numbers are boring but can also be fun, had a monster weekend of training in Penticton and have started to learn how to push myself especially on the bike. One of the side benefits of racing so much on the run is my perceived pain zone has increased and combine this with heart rate zones makes for some fun times.

Friday - IMC time Trial
Equated Ironman Time 5:35 (Avg Speed - 32.25km/h)
(5400 feet of climbing - 30 feet per km)

Driving up after the thursday ride meant rolling in at 2am and 6 hours later was at Smith and Co then off to ride the IMC course. A 180km individual time trial this turned out to be as there were not many people on the course. I was happy with the effort I put out and my equated time was about 7 minutes faster than race day last year which I was really happy with.

Saturday - Yellow Lake Redux
3:25 Riding (Avg Speed - 25.7 km/h)
(3093 feet of climbing - 35.2 feet per km)

24 Minutes Running (Avg 4 min/km)

After a few beers Friday Night drove Sag for Pacific Spirit on the Oliver course on the Sunday and saw the hundreds of people out. Kind of wished I was out riding but had fun doing sag. Upon finishing my duties headed outfrom the peach to keremeos (The Bear) and back to continue feeling the love with Yellow Lake.

Was a lonely ride except for seeing a lot of the club on the decent of yellow lake (it is about 23km of climbing in reverse) but felt like I climbed well and was able to hold 4 minute km's without effort on my t-run so was happy with this aspect.

Sunday - The Shootout
4:17 Riding (Avg Speed 35km/h)
(4302 Feet of Climbing - 28.7 feet per km)

Yikes, this is the most fun I think I have ever had on a ride. Decided not to do a running race on the Sunday and headed out with Paul and Kevin. We rode the section of the IMC coursedown to OK falls at a leisuresly pace then it started to build, in the end we pacelined from OK falls to Oysooyos at an average speed in excess of 41 km/h into a slight headwind before heading up richter.

Richter started out sensible then the pace ramped up and I got spat of the back anbout half way up the first section. I kept working a rythm and pushing the flats and at the base of the last spike to the top of richter a caught Kevin and decided to chase Paul. needless to say I was flying up richter have way up my cog when I caught Paul for a final sprint finsih to the top which the Kiwi unfortunately won. However was good times and I think we entertained the group form Calgary riding up the hill as we worked this section like a sprint.

The rest of the ride was pretty much an individual time trial and worked this pretty hard including averaging about 20km up the last 4km to the peak of Yellow Lake. Felt super strong on this ride even though was rght on the edge and only spent 7 minutes above my zone so I think this taught me to work hard but not to hard. Even with a little bit of drafting down to oysooyos (but no aero wheels or helmet and full bottles) this equates to a 5:08 IMC bike time. To be honest didn't think I yet had this speed so now need to bring this to my Half racing and see how it goes.

Monday - KVR Run
2:53 Running - 32km (Avg Speed 5:24 per km)

Went for a run down the KVR on Monday after a chilled am wanted to run in the heat of the day so took a couple water bottles with me as baby weights and hydration.

Missed the entrance to the KVR out of penticton so ended up running up and down the hills of Kaleden before finally finding the trail and heading out to OK Falls were I refueled at the IGA and headed back along trail to penticton and an eventual ice bath in skaha lake. Felt really good on the run and never really felt pushed event with the fatigue in ym legs form riding. Was an awesome run to finish the weekend and one I think I will do again (Maybe as a loop of the lake or somehting similar)

Social Aspect

Still manged to drink some coffee and a few beers and hang out with cool people throughout this whole weekend. So was good times all around and managed to have a few laughs about crashes, my lack of swimming talent and other things.

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