Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shawnigan - Goal ReCap

Race thoughts and report to follow, but here is results vs goals

Swim - Target Time 38 to 40 minutes

Actual Time - 40:36 - Just outside of goal. Tinted goggles would have defnetely helped. Pool time awaits tomorrow.

Bike - Target Time 2:31 (Avg 35km/h)

Actual Time - 2:35:41 - Lost about 4 to 5 minutes as front derailleur must have got knocked in transition. chain skipped and got stuck on frame so had to take wheel of to unjam then ride 3.5 laps in big chain ring only. Think lost minimal speed on a couple climb.

Run - Target Time 1:30 (avg 4:16 per km)

Actual Time - 1:30:41 - Awesome run, negative split. Maybe could have pushed a bit harder in the first few km's but can't complain with the 5th fastest run split of the day.

Overall target Time (A Goal) - 4:45:00 (B Goal) 4:55:00 (C Goal) 5:00:00

Overall Time 4:50:24 - B Goal Achieved - New Pr and 45 minutes quicker than last year. Some gains to make as race season goes and taper for one of the upcoming half's (TBD which one)


  1. awesome run today man, and too bad about the bike.

    If it fits your schedule, Victoria is the race to do. Its an amazing course. My favorite of the year.

  2. Congrats on the race ... bummer re the bike. Well done.