Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, May 8, 2009

ReCap, Reset and Refocus

So it is may, sun is out for the weekend and it thought it would be a good time to clear the brain and look at the 114 days ahead. Like Obama I will look to present a 100 day plan to Ironman Canada but that will be post in 14 days from now.


Goal A has been achieved thus far this year - are having fun. I have been in the scenario in a previous life where I "retired" from a sport at the age of 21 because the result became all important and the fun was relegated to the background (What sport - lets just say don't play me at pool or snooker for money)

Example was tonight, had awesome run of nearly 2 and 1/2 hours with a mixture of speeds and just enjoyed being out there. It helps that part of me likes to suffer so the thought of the interval sessions that have been and are to come don't scare me.

So all in all happy with the year thus far, a few running PR's set, riding strong and swimming improving.


Triathlon season is here, in two weeks I will be in Shawnigan Lake with my first real baseline of where I am at now I am taking this sport a little more serious. Cool thing is will be hanging with a heap of people I din't even know this time last year and are now good friends with so regardless of result (FYI I will go fast :) ) I know I will have fun. The 100 day plan will be the culmation of the rest and this will be all about setting weekly goals that will lead into Ironman Canada.


So the focus for me now goes into all round mode after a few months of a running focus. Swim is key as well as hitting my targets in my training sessions whether that be technique, quality, speed, hr, distance. Add to this a increased focus on recovery and nutrition and life will be good.

Main key for me is to be relaxed, have fun, control the controlables and race hard. Smiling is more aerodynamic so I plan on doing a lot of this too.

Awesome weekend is ahead with two days of riding and swimming and a couple short runs.

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