Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, May 25, 2009

Attack at Shawnigan Lake

From embedded reporter agent - Jeremy Hopwood

The tranquil community of Shawnigan Lake was disturbed from a Sunday morning slumber on Sunday May 24th by the sound of a howitzer cannon. Disturbed at the potential attack on this sleepy community a group of agents from across Canada, USA, Australia, NZ and other countries formed a task force to assess the situation and chase down the cause.

Initial reports indicated potential threat in the Lake of Shawnigan and agents donned wetsuits and entered the 17 degree Celsius water. Agents spread out and investigated the coloured buoys that littered the lake. After a first reconisance look suspicions were still high and another loop was undertaken to ensure the enemy did not lurk within the lake.

Having heard rumours that the enemy was potentially on the roads agents began to exit the lake. To ensure that the enemy had not souble backed agents left the water in a gradual procession ranging from 25 minutes to 55 minutes from the intial shot of the Cannon.

This intrepid reporter exited the water in 40:36 as the 82nd "agent" of 115 agents that had reported to the threat location.

Exiting the water it agents began to shed their wetsuits and run towards high tech forms of ground transportation. With code names such as P3c, Cervelo, Kuota, Orbea it appeared as if these futuristic vechiles were some type of high tech bicycle.

I spent 2:14 in this area of high tech machines before exitting on my assigned ride having donned my protective headwear and sunglasses. It appears that there may have been threat of sabotage in this area and some agents diligently checked foil packets and other items before leaving on their machines. Passing 10 agents in this zone and began to investigate and report from the roads as the 72nd agent.

My machine had the call sign of "orbea ora no. 17" and although did not have the satellite dishes that doubled as commmunication devices and wheels of some of the other machines it was a quick machine. As I investigated and observed on the roads around the lake I saw the signs of earlier attacks and potential threats in the form of craters in the road. Where identified these had been spray painted to increase agent awarenes sof the threat.

Looping around the lake and passing some of the other agents in the process it appeared my machine had been sabotaged and the chain that drove it had issues staying moving between the two front rings. Faced with the threat of being left in a stationary postion which wuld leave me vunerable to attack I disomounted my machine, removed the back and forced the chain on the big ring. This I figured would suffice for the remainder of the chase on the road.

After about 5 minutes Remounting my machine I endeavoured to view as many of the agents in front in action to see how the operated. The risk level around the lake was high and hq indicated that 4 laps of reconissance and investigation were necessary. During this time other agents trained at negotiating shorter distances joined the investigation around the lake.

This lake reconsiance took between 2hr 13 and 3hr 41 depending on the speed of agent. Having completed my assigned reconsiance in the big ring which proved challenging on an incline that appeared once per reconsiance lap.

My 88km of recon on the orbea had taken 2:35:41 at an average speed of 33.9km/h. This was the 22nd fastest recon of the area out of the 113 agents who made it this far. Entering the technology are I deposited my machine hearing that the chase had turned to foot. I put on space age Newton Trainers and headed out onto an abanodned rail trail that it had been rumoured the enmy had fled to.

At this point i was the 39th agent to hit the railway in search of the enemy. Support crews had established supply lines and water, energy drinks and space like food called gels were handed out at these points. Eager to get an up close view of the action I surged ahead and overtook fellow agents as they searched the trail. After about 6km of recon the power of the enemy was clear with a damaged trestle bridge indicating an earlier strike. As a result recon was required in the opposite direction and agents double back along the railroad.

Passing agents as I went I continued in the opposite direction. At about 16km into the hunt supply agents indicated that a potential threat had been identified back at the technolgy area. Eager to get the scoop on the story I rushed back as quick as I could to this area along the track across a ditch and a road and down a track to the area. Upon entering this area I was sheparded into a containment area were I was informed the threat level had been decreased and was presneted with a medal indicating my service.

My mission had taken 4:50:24 and I was the 17th agent of 115 to complete their recon. Entering the debrief area I found that I was the 3rd agent in my unit "M25-29". The earlier 2 agents in my unit had finshed about 10 minute previously.

Following this agents continue to filter in and in the end a large debrief session was held were agents mingled and shared intellegince on their respective missions.


A technical report of the days activites (i.e Traditioanl Race Report) will be released to the public archives shortly.


  1. It appears that this agents report has been intercepted and read by agents from the land of Oz. These agents are pleased by the recon conducted by the agent who was the 17th to complete the recon.This information has been passed on to others to show the great deeds executed by the agent.

  2. amazing. This is one of the most original race reports I think I've ever read.