Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Discovery for Vancouver Riding - The British Wall

So yesterday I had a hilly ride on the agenda, as was nice out figured I would hit up cypress. Instead of going my normal way out decided to cruise through British Properties for the first time and discovered a new little test which I am calling the British Wall (Please advise if there is a local name)

Essentially I rode up Taylor way into British Properties and took a left onto highland way. Taylor way was a nice little warm-up for what was to come which was around 2km at an average of around 10.5%. Think there were definitely some steeper sections in this and was using all the range in my compact as well as standing a lot.

This is definitely not a climb for the faint hearted and I think you would be nuts to do it on a tri bike. Map and elevation chart below

The full climb form Taylor way up is 4.31km with 335m of elevation equals an average of 7.8%. To see the brutality up close visit

Most of the elevation comes in this section however as you go up highland. It is only 1.47km but in that time you go up 171m. that equates to an average gradient of 11.6% with some sections that are definitely steeper. Not being a skinny mountain goat this was definitely the hardest section for me.

Always good to discover new training grounds and this was a good variation on the normal ride to cypress. The full loop I did was 91km with around 5000ft of climbing and was a good workout. Bike legs are getting pretty strong at the moment which is good and looking forward to some quality sessions in the next couple months.

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