Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to the Build

Short Post - Is weird training for the 2nd Ironman in the year for the first time. Lucky I know so many great people in this sport, ran into a group ride with the crew form Speed Theory tonight so did this as most of my base ride after work.

Feeling awesome on the bike, swim as always needs work and had a sweet session on Tuesday night running which shocked the body back into run mode. Note if you ever need to get shocked back into form go for a 45 minute active recovery run with a 2:17 marathon. just copied my mates cadence and before I knew it was living in the 3:15 land for 2km's!!!1

I compare everything time wise to building to IMC so for me at the moment it is like the start of June when the real training begins. Who know what happens in Kona - have to respect the island and fully realize that I may just blow up at some point but will be sure to have fun and enjoy the honor that I have in going to the big show - having said that are going to aim high and plan on having a good race

This is going to be fun! When you get to live the dream you better make sure you enjoy and I can ensure you I am and plan to make that continue

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  1. can't wait to read your report from Kona, should be sick.