Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 53:58 Challenge

So, out of Ironman Canada last year came a little bit of fun. I did not have a great run on race day and ran 3:47:15. This in turn meant that to their chagrin a couple of my friends of a non triathlon persuasion had to wait a little bit longer to go to the pub after the race.

Hence the challenge was created to run the 2010 Vancouver Sun Run at my pace from IMC 2009. This works out to 53:58 for the event. Vancouver Sun Run is approaching and on May 9th the results will show the extent of preparation undertaken. I have heard rumors about training guides taken from Mens Health magazine and Sunday morning gym visits.

Dennis and Paul who were my Best man and Groomsman at my wedding are the combatants for this challenge and as a bonus will not have to complain about the sun runners waking them up as they run past Yaletown on a Sunday morning!!

As with any challenge some financial incentive is in order and here are the rules of engagement;
  • If they beat 53:58 (chip time - i.e. start line to finish line) I put $53.58 to the food/drink tab
  • If they are slower they put their race time to the bar tab - i.e 58:43 = $58.43 to the food/drink tab
  • If I beat their times by more than 20 minutes they have to put a bonus $20 towards the food/drink tab
This should be a fun day - not so concerned with my own result now but the bonus $20 will help make sure I push towards the finish.

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  1. Absolutely hilarious! Good luck with the 33:58!!