Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting to Brunch Early - Sun Run 2010 Awaits

So this time tomorrow the Vancouver Sun Run and another swim workout will be behind me. What to expect tomorrow I do not really know as have had a pretty solid week of training were have smashed the legs pretty good. Having said that I am the fittest I have been in memory and amp'd to race for the first time in 7 weeks.

The reality is I have never done a 10km race "fresh and taper'd" so not to worried from that aspect. My PR for 10km is 34:51 in Jan 2009 and to be honest I would be quite disappointed if I went the wrong side of that. I know I ran a 35:35 10km stretch in the back half of the Comox Half Marathon in March so are thinking something between 34 and 35 should be achievable.

The sun run course is an interesting one with a fast downhill first km, winding section until 3km, a sharp hill at 5km followed by the bridge then a false flat home till 9km before one more bridge crossing.

Still working out a plan but think I am going to mentally break up the race as follows;

> 0 to 3km
> 3km to 5.5km (Top of the Burrard Bridge)
>5.5km to 8.5km (On ramp to Cambie Bridge)
> 8.5km to Home

Will see what happens come race day but are hoping for good things. This is not a key race and is just another step towards the main goals of the year, however still want to go out there and run fast, hurt in a good way and hopefully smash it!

Regardless of what happens will be going to brunch after so can't complain about that.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend, for those doing the Sun Run is looking like a nice day.

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