Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not Poppin Fresh but a Sweet Result - 2010 Vancouver Sun Run (10km) - 34:05

34:05 (New 10km PR)

Overall - 53/39855 Male - 51/17532 M25-29 25/2501

Quick and Nasty summary, nice day for it out there except for head wind from 3km to 9km mark of the course which made it tough going.

Didn't know what to expect coming in as had a big week of training and legs were a little wrecked. However had a good showing and a new PR by 46 seconds which is huge at this distance. One day I will do one of these things tapered but that can be for another season.

Executed the race plan pretty well. Hit 3km around 9:58 (Plan was between 10 Flat and 10:20), hit halfway in 17:01 (was hoping for around 17), took the Burrard bridge easy.

Wanted to smash it form the top of the bridge on but legs were not "Poppin Fresh" at this point so was more of a drive to hold pace.

Lost some time between 6 an 8km before sucked it up and went for it. Attacked the Cambie bridge on ramp and went as hard as I could down towards the finish. got some spots in this section which is always nice.

First km (downhill) and last km both in 3:08 so a couple nice bookends there. Always things to improve on but like how the book is reading thus far (Thanks to Clint). No sub 34 so that will have to wait till another day but confident can bring something mid 33's on the right day and course.

Thanks to Forerunners, Newton Running and Speed Theory for their support.

Also congrats to all those who ran including Les (my wife) who ran the same time this year on less training. I;m taking credit with my run / walk strategy we worked out. Also for those who know of the 53:58 challenge all I can say is that I have a subsidized post IMCDA celebration. The boys came in around 56 minutes so looking forward to that come July.

Now to hit the pool to work on that as it needs a lot of work.

P.S - Always wanted to use Poppin Fresh in a race report now I have

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