Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I hate Mornings ..... but

I am slowing coming around to mornings. Do not think I will ever become a morning person but starting to get into a routine around them when it comes to training. Come the weekends there are some benefits to be had for sure.

Today awoke @ 5:30am and after a coffee and some breakfast while catching up some some blogs and the news. Headed out on the bike just after sunrise @ 6:40am. There are a few advantages to being out as this time including the lack of traffic on the road.

It was a little cold out to begin (around 2 Celsius) but a merino under layer did the trick and definitely encouraged me to get the work rate up to the required level straight away. Add to this the beautiful mountain views of Vancouver and feeling that was on my own out in the city and the first 90 minutes of my ride was quite peaceful even though I was working at a good rate.

After my time on the bike it was time for a run, and although the city had awoken it was still fun to run through Kits to Kits Beach and the edge of Granville Island. all in all was done @ 10:25am and was able to enjoy a relaxing day with Les before heading to the pool in the evening (ironically moved this workout from yesterday as choose sleep on Friday Morning)

Some of the things that have helped me tolerate early morning a little more are;
  • Creating Ride, Run and Swim Bags for the week each Sunday. This way if I am riding just grab the bag it has the bulk of what I need.
  • Filling bottles, setting up bikes etc the night before. So it is a no thought process in the morning.
  • Getting to bed early - cheating on sleep is a road to disaster.
  • Getting out the door is the hardest thing - Do everything in your power to make this easy so you can do it on Auto Pilot.
  • Reward - If you manage to achieve your early morning schedule for the week then grab breakfast after one of your workouts.
Nothing incredibly insightful but just some thoughts. Hoping to get an early start tomorrow as well as plan on chilling at home and watching the Masters and Paris Roubaix upon my return.

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