Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, April 19, 2010

Execute Each Day as Best as I Can

"Execute each day as best as I can - do this and good stuff will happen"

The above statement pretty much sums up what I am focusing on the moment. Is it complicated no - is it hard to do, definitely at times.

It is just under 10 weeks away from IM Couer d'Alene and there is still a lot of work to get done before race day but at the moment are feeling good, fitness is improving week by week and starting to get some good quality in sessions as well. Below is a brief summary of where I am at across the various aspects of tri at the moment. Essentially feel I am at a good launching place for the next 10 weeks ahead.

Swim - Is improving and happy with how it is rolling along. Just need to focus on each and every swim session to make sure I am executing to the best of my ability form and work rate wise. Racing is the only real test but to this point things are definitely heading in the correct direction. hit a new 400m LCM PR in the pool during a set on Saturday so that was a good encouraging sign.

Bike - Putting in some good miles and really starting to nail the Quality aspects of my workouts. Confidence is building and looking forward to Shawnigan Lake Half Iron on May 30th which will be a good indication of where my bike is at. Need to push hard when required in my sessions over the next few weeks and think the benefits will materialize. Ride so much on my own is hard to benchmark my exact level but in the few times I have ridden with others have been feeling good.

Run - Is going good, nearly feel better running off the bike than just out the door which I suppose is a good thing. Once again looking for an opportunity to test it all out but are able to run at a faster pace with lower HR which is a good indicator.

Rest & Recovery - Is a big focus at the moment and although have areas to improve on are doing well in this regard making sure I am getting enough sleep, eating hald decent and doing stretching/core work etc.

Mentally - Excited for the challenges ahead. At the moment the key focus for me is getting the work done day in day out. Have been doing a lot of training solo which definitely creates an inner drive. Have also had the opportunity to do some fun sessions with other people which always spices it up a bit.

Whats happening going forward?

Essentially it is more training in the lead up to IM CDA. Looks like I will be racing the Vancouver Sun Run (10km Road Race), UBC Olympic Triathlon (Pool Swim) and Shawnigan Half Iron in the lead up. Excited to race - especially Shawnigan as will be a good bench mark, but even more excited and motivated about having good sessions day after day. I believe if I do this and trust in the process good things should happen.

Enjoying life, the process and all that comes with it at the moment. Can't ask for more than that. today is a rest day of sorts so will be cranking out some "real work" while watching the Canucks game tonight.

Till next time

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  1. Sounds like your training is going very well and you will be in great shape for IM CDA in June! That is a great race and I'm sure you will enjoy it.