Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Running Fast Jedi

Discovery - Running 200m at pace clears the mind and finds the Jedi within

So returned from San Diego last night and headed out to the track for a workout today after work. Limiting factor in a group of my races has been leg speed vs aerobic ability so are looking to build that.

Took some advice from Jerry at Forerunners and decided to go with a sprint workout today with a group of 200m intervals. Tp be honest really did not remember what pace I was meant to run these at thought it was mile pace or quicker so went with McMillan times for this workout and did the following.

20 x 200m with target pace of 31 to 35 seconds per 200m with a recovery pace for the following 215m (based on lane 6 recovery) at whatever pace I felt to be able to hit next interval.

So the results were;
> Laps 1 -5 - This is easy..
> Laps 6 - 10 ...mmm this is getting tough
> Laps 11 to 15 ... might achieve my throw up goal for the year
> Laps 16 to 20 .... run fast jedi run fast

Target Time hit - 18/21 Intervals
Avg Lap time - 34 Seconds
Avg Recovery time - 1 min 18 seconds

Finished up with a double interval and was 1:10 for the 400m (36/34)

  • Approach of running 200m and 400m intervals only with the longest interval of 800m once per session could be fun and gain results.
  • This approach should guarantee I will throw up at some point!!!!!!
  • Giving it for short intervals really clear the mind...just think about getting around that bend and to the end of the straight. This is how I may find my Jedi within
Next up
  • This could be the of blogging. Need to do my San diegeto half race report...will be titled Elevation
  • Plan the next couple months. Have 4 weeks of base work to put in
  • Report on San Diego and the adventures of a 35 mile climb and a 35 mile long decent
  • Blog article on the art of "on on" San Diego Style

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