Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Numbers

So here are my numbers for January with a few disclaimers;

13.5 hours
14,000 m

Distance is low compared to actual as have spent a lot of time doing drills and do not put a distance down when doing this stuff. Main success indicator for me here is time. Aim for Feb will be to get at least 15 hours in the pool

21.5 Hours

Mix of this has been on the trainer where distance is only relative to other trainer sessions. Have only done 2 "actual rides" in January due to the weather and the rest has been commuting focused.

Aim for February is to commute at least 8 times in the month via the extended route (equates to daily mileage of 50km and ride between 700 and 1000km in San Diego next week and get at least 4 quality trainer sessions in along with two club rides. If this all adds up will equate to a monthly mileage of around 1500km as a target (50 to 60 hours).

20.75 hours
Avg Pace 5:09 km/h

Early weeks was on snow and ice but only one treadmill run is part of this mix.

Aim for February will to be do a lot of short runs of the bike and focus on getting in my speed work. No real aims for mileage but would like to keep consistent so will aim for at least 200km of running which should be achievable. Main thing for me here is to focus on ensuring legs feel godd and rested so can focus on other disciplines.

3 Hours
This is mainly core work at the gym.

Aim for february will be to increase this to 8 hours whihc will be assisted by buying a swiss ball and baby weights for home.

Month Summary

Started of with only 1 run in the first 4 days so really ramped up come the 5th of January. Total of 58.75 hours of training which equates to 1.9 hours a day and 13.3 hours a week.

Happy with the month, have had a strong run and swim focus and have not felt fatiued or suffered any injuries. Have been quite fluid in my training based on how my body hads felt and what the weather has presented.

PB'd for the 8km distance at Pioneer (27:52), for the 10km distance at Chilly Chase (34:51)

February Goals

Feb will increase with the week of training in San Diego and will likely look like 93 hours and a weekly average of 23 Hours.

Will be looking for a bike and swim focus into February. Based on how february pans out will detemrine the plan of attack for March and APril which have a few running races but the true focus will need to be on building a strng base on the bike while improving my swimming.

Have already broken my 8km PB with a 27:13 at the icebreaker and will aim to PB by a fair margin at the San Diegeto Half Marathon this weekend. Following that will be a focus on base mileage to build for the year ahead.

Will do a swim time trial of 1900m at some point in the month as well as potentially a 40km bike time trial on the road bike out at iona to get some indicators on current level at these activities.

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  1. Your a monster, I can't believe the run mileage, my biggest month of life is in the 125km range.

    Thats EPIC!

    Have a great time in San Diego.