Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, February 6, 2009

Calafornia Bound

Long day of pack, drive, coffee,drive under way. 24 hours until arrival in San Diego.

Current location is the back of the wagon typing away on the laptop somewhere in Oregon State. Few more things to do online then need to do formal race report for the IceBreaker.

Week plan at the moment for San Diego;

Sunday - San Diegeto Half Marathon in the am, stretch out ride (3 hours in the afternoon), possible pm recovery run run with hash house harriers.
Monday - Long Ride (4hours or so), Brick Run, Possible Swim
Tuesday - attack stage 8 of Tour of California (Mt Palomar Awaits), potential swim
Wednesday - early am swim and track session - day at seaworld possible pm recovery run
Thursday - 4 - 6 hour long ride and brick run
Friday - Swim and ride. Potential an opportunity fora TT perfomance on the bike.
Saturday - Farewell ride (maybe coastal, Mexican and Margarita

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