Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Vancovuer Stereotype

Did a run out of forerunners today. Pretty cruisy group workout from Forerunners but with temperatures hanging around the zero celsius mark takes a little bit of warming up and you start to realize that the 26 bones in your feet do have feeling.

Anyway as you run down the foreshore near Jericho beach and see the snow covered mountains across the bay ahead of the opening of the local mountains today and see people running and walking out int he morning air you reliase life ain't to bad. If the day turns out anything thing like last Sunday and there will be people running, skiing, biking, kitesurfing, golfing all within 30 minutes of the downtown core. May have to start running biking with a camera ot get shots of days like this

So with my new motto of NFE dragged myself out of bed into the cold for the run. Got home and watched the NBC Ironman Hawaii special in which Chrissie Wellington and Crowie (Craig Alexander) won the big show. Cool to see the other stories like Ricky James (paraplegic who did the swim in 1:18 and the whole race in under 13 hours).

Anyway off to stock the fridge for the week then some time on the Trainer watching the soprano's or office space and then off to the pool tonight. Some web design work to be set into that mix.

The Boring Numbers

Around Spanish Banks and UBC
13.15km 1:07 (5:05 per km)

Swim (Van Aqua)

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