Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos from Kona and Some Thank You's

Huge thanks to those who made this journey possible. Currently planning the next steps and getting set to write a race report. So first we have some thanks and some photos;

Leslie - ROCKSTAR!!!!! Thanks for all the support
Mum and Dad - Taking me to all those sports finally paid off

Family in BC - Thanks for all the support. Especially the Penticton Crew for all the support when I am up there training
Non Tri Friends - Your support is hugely appreciated. This sport is a bit anti social come race season!!!

Clint - Awesome working with you as a coach - have and will continue to learn a lot
Jerry - thanks for all the informal advice and feedback - beers are coming soon
Training Partners - Thanks all, is not possible without you all. Big shout out to Rachel who have done a heap of sessions with this year and have learned a lot from. Also a huge shout to Tony, even though on other sides of the world think we helped motivate each other across the season

Forerunners - Thanks for the support over the past couple years
Newton Running - Shoes rocked and helped me hold it together on a tough run day
Speed Theory - Thanks for all the support - great to be affiliated with such a nice group of people
SpiderTech - Thanks for all the support, especially the support during race week. The tape helped prevent the hamstrings form cramping in the last few miles of the run
Podium Imports - Thanks for doing the work to get us a Orca swim skin come race week
Mercury Rising Triathlon - Clint's coaching company - good crew of athletes with 3 of us racing in Kona
Lifesport - Thanks for all the help during race week and access to the lounge for Leslie and I
Dr Carla Cupido - For all the positive vibes and keeping my body healthy week in week out

To everyone who cheered, volunteered, elbowed me in the swim, followed online etc - Thank-you!!!. Planning for the next few years has begun and hope to have you all on the journey.

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