Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Month to Go

So it is one month to Kona. a Couple weeks of hard work, feeling tired and struggling to get the work done ahead. Going to try and enjoy every bit of it. The good thing is only remember the good parts of IM CDA so it is perfect time to be getting ready to race my 2nd IM of the year.

Kona will be the my 4th IM but for those of you who are into Triathlon it represents something special and I feel honored to have the opportunity to go smash it (or get smashed) on race day. Hopefully this time in a month I will be running back into town down Palani Hill about to come down Ali'i Drive.

Its been a fun year and I thought I would share some of what has gone in terms of photos. I don't take as many photos as I should but some of these share part of the journey that has gone on in 2010. The selection below are from January and early February this year during my trip back home to Australia. Have a few more but all of these have a training and racing theme.

2010 began for me in an airport about to fly back to Australia. My first long run of 2010 i did as a destination run which involved running from my hotel past the opera house and over the harbor bridge in Sydney

Next up was a trip Tasmania and my first race of 2010. My parents got to see me race for the first time here at the Cadbury Half Marathon in Hobart, Tasmania

While in Tasmania I got to get a fair chunk of training in. This was actually the scene of my largest climb to date in 2010 climbing the 1210m (4000 ft) form sea level to the summit

Next up was Adelaide - this photo demonstrates what you look like after climbing for 45 minutes with insufficient water on a 42 degree Celsius day (108F)

Self portrait in Transition at the Geelong 70.3 in February.

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